1 of 365

It’s the first day of The Celebrationist and I am jazzed beyond belief. Here is how excited I am.

Clearly jazzed for The Celebrationist.

So my celebration today is New Year’s. And I celebrated in Paris. I didn’t really know what exactly to expect being in a ginormous city with a ginormous language barrier but I decided that would not stop me from celebrating well.

New Year’s really beings on December 31st so that’s where I’ll begin with my tale. Brittany, who is celebrating the next four days with me, and I headed out at around 6:30 p.m. We had an hour and a half before dinner and we decided to walk the Champs. People are everywhere. It is a mad house. Two strangers come up to us and ask us to go to the Eiffel Tower with them at midnight. El Madhi and Vasco. They were nice. We weren’t jazzed about running off with foreigners so we decided to not meet them there like we so kindly told them we would.

We walked around took pictures and headed to dinner. We went to our favorite little place Atera. It was clearly delicious. I had scallops, wine, cheese and a champagne dessert. I wasn’t sad about it. Not one bit. I would cut my arm off for scallops.

Let me also interject, I had on a super cute red dress that I had bought at H&M the day before and I had on my cool shoes that Katie and Jordan don’t like but tell me they do to make me feel better.

Anyway, we are sitting at dinner next to a table of three guys and one girl. They start talking to us. Alex and Amondine are married and their friends Armand and Kevin. Kevin got the short end of the french name stick. They tell us that we can celebrate with them. Perfect! Not creepy french people!

We walk back down the Champs with Kevin and Armand. Alex and Amondine go back to their hotel to grab something. Turns out they all have tickets to go to a party. We don’t have tickets to go to the party. So we head towards the party to see if we can get tickets. In the mean time, we are crossing a side street and a car almost hits Armand. Naturally, he punches the hood of the car and naturally the people in the car get angry and exit the vehicle. We were in no danger, there were a bajillion people around. I died laughing and kept walking. Anyway we regroup and head towards this totally awesome party.

We get there. We can’t buy tickets. Armand and Kevin decide they need to leave to find Alex and Amondine and tell us to wait at the party for them. We smile, tell them absolutely and then proceed to find our own plans when they leave. Sorry guys, I’m not paying 15 Euros to go in a place that looked like a rave/orgy. Call me crazy.

So at this point it’s around 11:15 p.m. We think, “Hey let’s walk to the Eiffel Tower”. Wrong. There are around 500 million billion trillion people. We can’t move.

500 million billion jillion wasn't an exaggeration.

 We are getting super sketched on by swarthy Italian/French dudes. We sneak away from them and find ourselves right by the Arc de Triomphe. We decide to stay right there and good thing we did, because we found our New Year’s Eve friends. They were very very well dressed and very very friendly and very very German.

So we end up talking to them and they end up taking pictures of us and likewise. So in my brain I’m pondering, “Hey, these dudes might be gay… maybe… probably… maybe I’m making this up… they are so cute and great… ok they are totally gay.” Well midnight proved me correct. Dude Kisses. What a great way to bring in the New Year! They gave us kisses on the cheek and some of their champagne and we had a blast with them.

Marc, me, Toby and Julien.

So there’s that. The first celebration done and done. We have 364 more days together and I promise to do my best.


I had a crush on Toby untill I found out he didn’t like girls…..

PS: Bonne Annee!

We loved New Years in France!



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3 responses to “1 of 365

  1. Angelia Franke

    Enjoyed reading your post. My husband and I were in Paris last week. We were amazed at the crowds. Looks like even more people were in Paris yesterday. Enjoy your trip!

  2. January 21: National Hugging Day + Squirrel Appreciation Day = National Hug a Squirrel Day.

    Looking forward to hearing about that one.

    Happy New Year!

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