Run it up a Flagpole Day

What is this strange holiday you might ask? And rightly so, it does sound mysterious. Initially I imagined the opening theme song to Salute Your Shorts where the shorts are up the flagpole, but that isn’t so much what this day is about. This is a day that you propose new ideas. Run it up a Flagpole is a term in advertising or marketing that means suggest something new and see if someone notices. It sounds like a management ploy to get better employee work ethic to me, but whatever go new ideas!

Other ways of celebration were to try a new outfit, style or haircut. But those all sounded lame to me. I needed something good. A really great idea that was super creative that I could propose to someone largely important. Well, I got to pondering and came up with a brilliant beyond brilliant idea (name that movie).

I sent in a proposition to a literary agent to have this blog made into a book of sorts at the end of the year. I ran it up the flagpole, and I hope that someone notices. Clearly, this would be awesome. I could write books and blog and do cool things and never have to write a press release again. I wouldn’t have to commit to going into the real world. I could live in pseudo real world, where I blog and write a pretend book and have unicorn as a pet. But I hate pets/animals so I wouldn’t have a unicorn as a pet.

I realize that it’s 100% a shot in the dark (some of you laughed at my lofty book dream, don’t lie). Like the blackest of night using a pre civil war musket aiming at a poorly lit target behind a tree, but it was the only way I felt I could truly celebrate Run it up a Flagpole Day. I think I sufficiently celebrated well. I went out on a limb and who knows maybe someone will see it. If the publisher is interested, which they won’t be (because pre civil war muskets have terrible aim), but if they are I will know in 3 weeks.

Sending in this proposition was NOT easy. Filling out the form was easy. Just fill in the blanks about me, the project etc. etc. etc. I had to fill in a section about myself. The example the form gave was, “Pretend this is the book jacket blurb about you.” I sound like a complete idiot in this section. Ha, they would have figured that out eventually. However, the last portion was to submit an example of a completed chapter. Cool. I have a blog. Not chapters. Crap.

Also, I am using a tiny windows netbook. Without any wordprocessing software to compile my “chapter”. After several hours of trying to download a Microsoft Word trial I am ULTRA frustrated. My French interwebs are being le tired. Not to fail, I am resourceful! And I have an obligation to celebrate Run it up a Flagpole Day.

I got desperate and angry and really ready to be finished with this form. I used GoogleDocs and created a PDF of my compiled Celebrationist blogs thus far and sent it on its way to a publisher. I was quite proud and instantly terrified that someone important was going to read my not so important, but sometimes hilarious incomplete/run on sentences.


So there you have it. I celebrated. Day two is done.


Party Animal

PS: My submission to this publisher means my mom has to fulfill her side of a pinky promise.



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4 responses to “Run it up a Flagpole Day

  1. I am supposed to be the writer of this book so that we both live in a psuedo world…you celebrate, i compile. this holiday is really giving me the short end of the stick

  2. Will Haskell

    So in other words, I could be in a book because I’m commenting? I hope you get that book deal! #selfishmotives #notontwitter

  3. Beth

    Okay…I’ll do it. Penelope will be on her way within the week.

  4. Matt

    Chelsie should stick with the radio show so I could be a guest caller everyday.

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