Sisterly Duet Day

Well we are starting the day late, but I flew back from Paris so I was in the airport and such. So here is my celebration of pop music chart day. It’s a crowning jewel of awesome on this blog. I’ve been planning this one for a while. It’s called iPod karaoke. I listen to the  music and sing along, but you can’t hear the music. So clearly it’s going to be hilarious. So there’s that. I recruited my sister Abby, who can actually sing, to help because I, can’t actually sing, didn’t want to do this alone. I found this out after I sang Britney Spears in my kitchen and played it back to myself.

Here is the link to the video.

I would have to pay a bajillion dollars to upgrade my site for video and I just don’t have those doll hairs currently. But it’s on YouTube, so go ahead and watch that. I promise you won’t be disappointed. In the process of recording this video, which we had to do a million times, we added our own lyrics occasionally. Pimping ain’t easy, slap you your body down and other various insanity was said. I figured that video was a fair display of my love of pop jams from the late 90s/early 00s. Moving right along.

Holiday number two for the day is Trivia Day. I love trivia. A lot. I love interesting facts and nonsense. So trivia is right up my alley. If I had an alley. Which would indicate that I owned two buildings next to each other. I digress. Trivia. Let’s see what I can give you.

Most American car horns honk in the key of F.

The WD in WD-40 stands for Water Displacement. It was invented on the 40th try for a formula that worked.

Two in every three car buyers pays the sticker price without arguing.

There are 11 points on the collar around Kermit the Frog’s neck.

The average American consumes over 28 pounds of bananas each year.

In 1894 there were only 4 automobiles in the US.

Offered a new pen to write with, 97% of all people will write their own name.

You share your birthday with at least nine million other people around the world.

And now ba ba ba ba World Braille Day! I am amazed by braille. I think it is the coolest thing that people can distinguish the letters. I’m in awe. So today in the Chicago airport. I found this in the bathroom and I laughed. Go Braille!!

Sad news, my camera failed in the bathroom. And didn’t save my picture of braille and now I’m home and there isn’t braille at my home. But I pinky promise you I celebrated in the airport and laughed, because why would the seat cover changer on the back wall of the stall have braille? It just seemed a little strange. But then again I always think braille is strangely placed. But then again I’m not blind.

Lastly, World Hypnotism Day.

Being hypnotized seems fake. Like unicorns. Or the Yeti. But apparently people can be hypnotized. Apparently. It always seems like a side-show scam, but whatever I’m judging hypnotists, sorry. Anyway, I was concerned as to how I would celebrate this. And then, as I was spending 9 hours across the Atlantic Ocean today, an episode of Community can on the in flight entertainment situation. I love Chevy Chase. A lot. And so now I love Community.

This particular episode consisted of Chevy Chase trying to hypnotize a girl into not smoking. So I laughed, it was like American Airlines knew that it was hypnotism day and they too wanted to celebrate. I applaud you American Airlines for your support of obscurity.

But I have seen someone actually get hypnotized. It was at Kappa a few years ago. We had a hypnotist. People did crazy things. I still think everyone was in on it but me.

I’m sorry today was so late. Travel consumed me. Tomorrow will be better fear not. It’s Bean Day tomorrow and that means Lauren Tallent might be getting a phone call. She loves beans more than any human I know.


I’m the 6th Spice Girl.


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  1. Charlene

    Loved the video! Love the blog. Celebrating you!

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