Bean Day

Today started out as just Bean Day. I was unaware of something else that was awesome that I could also celebrate. But after three different people contacted me today concerning Whipped Cream Day I felt that I had to add Whipped Cream Day. So I did. Beans and whipped cream, what a combo!!! Today I was going to Tulsa for various reasons and I got to see one of my friends. She loves beans. LOVES BEANS. More than anyone I know. I’ve been at dinner with her where all she ate were beans. I’ve seen the joy on her face when she realizes that beans are available. So I knew that she was the one that I was going to need for my celebration, especially after she texted me that she was eating beans.

So we went to dinner and she clearly had refried beans and here is the result.

Lauren Tallent loves beans.

I’ve never seen a person with so much joy about beans. I love that about Lauren. She’s awesome and so is her love of beans.

She also told me about a soup that she heard about called 15 bean soup. Which got me thinking… how many types of beans can I name? Here goes. Refried, green, lima, fava, navy, pinto, lima, red, pork and, black, baked, clearly I don’t know all the beans. I failed at 15 bean soup and I don’t really think that refried beans or baked beans would be good in 15 bean soup. I’ll have to ask Lauren.

So, by popular demand, Whipped Cream Day. On the way out of town in Tulsa, my friend Ben and I bought a can of whipped cream at Braum’s. A strange and slightly odd purchase, I know. Believe me we laughed when we bought it. But canned whipped cream is delicious and awesome and so satisfying.

Here is what happened on the way home.

No shave January.

I heart whipped cream.

We had lofty goals of spraying whipped cream from a rooftop onto someone or off an overpass or something, but it was dark and we really just wanted to eat it.

And when I got home this happened…..

My poor penmanship at its finest.

So there’s that. I am so glad that people wanted to see Whipped Cream Day celebrated. Thank you for the suggestion. Feel free to send them my way anytime.

The Celebrationist is also tweeting. You can follow me @_celebrationist. I would love to see you on Twitter too!

Well it’s late again and I’m sorry. I’m trying to get The Celebrationist timing kinks worked out. I’m sure it will fall into a routine soon, just stick with me.


Whipped Cream rules and Beans drool.


I completely forgot part of my Bean Day celebration. I have two friends. Well, I have more than two, but these two are a big deal. Emily and Alex. I have known Emily since the 3rd grade and I’ve known Alex since 9th gradeish. And good news they are friends too! Well, Emily and Alex are really fun and really great and really hilarious.

They went to the University of Arkansas and didn’t invite me and now they have cool inside jokes and stuff and I get jealous and take my rage out through run-on sentences. It’s a coping mechanism, deal with it.

They recentlyish started referring to themselves as Best Beans. Instead of best friends. I think Best Beans is the cutest name ever. I’m clearly jealous, but don’t tell them. So here is a picture of the Best Beans who I call some of my favorite people. They are some of my favorite people for the following reasons: a) in grade school Emily and I ran away… to her closet. We sat there for hours. We lost one of her shoes and we were afraid to tell her mom. b) Alex makes up funny names for people with me like Apple Tasty Waffles or Kate Eats Bunnies. c) Emily didn’t sit with me on the bus for a period of time because she got a cool boyfriend. She sat across the aisle… with him… lame. d) Alex has 50 jillion OPI nail polishes and can correctly identify the colors she sees on people’s fingers.

So here they are. The Beans.

Best Beans love to smile.

The End.


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