I cuddled. Kinda.

Well today was Cuddle Up Day. I was slightly concerned as to how to cuddle up. I don’t exactly have anyone available for cuddling. I asked on Twitter and no one took me up on my offer. So I was furniture shopping with my mom and I found two couches. I purchased them, they are on layaway. I am jazzed. I don’t need them until the summer when I move into a real apartment in a real city with a real job. I spent a lot time around comfortable furniture so I took advantage on my surroundings.

So here it is. This is my on one of the cool couches I bought.

I felt old buying couches.

And then I found the motherload of all recliners. This thing was a throne. A throne made for a king. A large king. And here it is.

I needed someone to cuddle up with in this chair.

Today was also Epiphany. I don’t really know how to celebrate such event. But I will tell you about a time that I had an epiphany. The epiphany about this blog.

So once upon a time. I was at Tri and Andy’s house. Tri was making us all french onion soup. It was delicious. We were chatting about how excited I was for Christmas Break. We began a discussion about how there is probably a holiday for every day. And then BOOM. I decided that it was going to be my New Year’s resolution. And here we are. Day 6. I am seriously loving it. I want The Ellen Show to know about The Celebrationist. I want to share my idea with people!!  So there’s that.

Also, I have a new domain name. You can search http://www.thecelebrationist.com!! So there’s that.


I heart cuddling.




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2 responses to “I cuddled. Kinda.

  1. I’m terribly curious . . . why two couches? I’m 48 and I only have one. (Well, I lied. I have two, but one is for my kids so it doesn’t count.)

    PS I like the one in your photo. What’s the other one like?

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