Harlem Globetrotters Day.

Well today is one of the funnier days on this blog. The Harlem Globetrotters are awesome and hilarious and practically professional basketball players. They do the craziest stuff ever. And by the craziest I mean the things that everyone wants to learn how to do with a basketball. So I have two friends that in high school filmed a video called Trick Shots at Dawn. They are the best basketball players in the history of basketball and did stuff that the Harlem Globetrotters would be jealous of. Here is the link to the video that they so craftily made several years ago.


So back to the Harlem Globetrotters.

First, my dad DVR’d the Harlem Globetrotters on TV for me. I went to watch it today and realized that there wasn’t a single Globetrotter in the whole DVR’d segment. I think the title on the TV Guide and the actual recorded thing was totally different. I watched a whole lot of sports bloopers in fast forward mode. It was great, but not the Globetrotters.

Second, after perusing the Globetrotters website, I realized that they all have awesome nicknames! Here is the following roster: Airport, Ant, Bam Bam, Big Easy, Blenda, Bones, Buckets, Bull, Cheese, Crash, Dizzy, Fire Fly, Flight Time, Hacksaw, Hammer, Handles, Hi Rise, Hi-Lite, Hot Shot, Rocket, Sarge, Scooter, Slick Willie, Slingshot, Special K, Thunder, Turbo, The Shot and Zeus.

So I need a Harlem Globetrotters. So I took a poll. The following were suggestions: K-Swiss, The Dishwasher, Frequent Flyer, Juicy Juice, The Prospector, Teddy Beard, Dr. K, Lazy Susan, Kate the Bounty Hunter, KB Toys.  Please feel free to give me your suggestions as well. And feel free to come up with your own nickname. Everyone should have a Harlem Globetrotter nickname.

My favorites: K-Swiss, Frequent Flyer, Dr. K and Lazy Susan. Lazy Susan cause I’m servin’ it up.

My dad just walked in. He has Globetrotter stories. Curly Neal. He knows something about a lot of things. He’s cool.

So I hope that was a good enough celebration for you. Nickname choosing. Trick Shots at Dawn. The roster.



I opted out of the attempted trick shot, because I figured that was expected. I was thinking outside the box. I was thinking nicknames. And I also I just suck at basketball.


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