Bow Chicka Bow Bow.

Today is Male Watcher’s Day. Get jazzed ladies.

I wondered the most appropriate way  to celebrate this glorious day. And then my car died. Perfect. I need a new battery. Off to the auto place. I wasn’t super pleased about being there. Until I realized that it was going to be FULL of males!!

What good fortune I thought! Hooray! A place of males. So my watching began. Let me preface this with the following statements. I don’t usually spend my time staring at dudes. I think it’s strange. I’m not super jazzed about the “Let’s Make Eye Contact and Become Star Crossed Lovers” scenario. Except for the one time I gave a boy my number….. But with that being said I don’t like being a creeper.

But today I got creepy I was checking out the premises. There were a lot of dudes at this auto shop. Tall. Short. Round. Hairy. Bald. Mullet. Greasy. Shiny. Toothless. Smiler. Chatty. Helpful. Pouty. Old. Young. Scary. Kind. The list was literally endless.

I was amazed at the diversity at this place. I got to have a really great conversation with a man and his really cute 5 year old son. For whatever reason I am able to get strange amounts of information out of people, hence my love of airport seat buddies. Anyway, I was sitting next to this man. We started chatting. I told him about iPhones and how it was clearly vital to his life. He told me about his son and how he is a cool kindergartener with a girlfriend. We talked about life. He told me about being a single dad. I told him about my car battery dying (clearly as important as being a single dad). He told me about his job. It was great. I love strangers.

I truly truly truly love meeting strangers.

I was in my element. I was appreciating the dudes around me and all they were doing there. Everyone was there for a likeminded cause. I love people being in a certain place for a likeminded cause. It intrigues me. So there’s that. I watched males. Watch the males in your life today. I’m sure you will get a kick out of it. They are strange creatures.

I have spent the last two days with practially every one of my close male friends. They were all in town for our friends engagement party. I was the only girl in town. Cool. I was hanging with the dudes. It was interesting. It’s not for the faint/feint (someone clear this up) of heart. I heard a lot of nonsense. I witnessed a lot of nonsense. It was nonsense. I got to watch males a lot and I learned interesting (more like terrifying) facts. So those have been my celebrations. I’m outy 5000 (a male said that to me today).


The Harlem Globetrotters are on TV currently.



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2 responses to “Bow Chicka Bow Bow.

  1. Ben

    It’s faint of heart.

  2. you forgot a holiday on january 8th

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