Clean Off Your Desk Day

This day was the most annoying celebration thus far. Probably because it forced me to do something I loathe, cleaning my room. If I share a space with someone I will remain organized and clean. If the space is mine and mine alone I will turn into a barbarian. So I decided to make a list of all the things on my desk and discuss a few of them in some form of detail.

Sidenote: saying the word ‘detail’. Do you said it dee-tail or duh-tail. I’ve heard both. I don’t really know which one I prefer. I say dee-tail more. But duh-tail makes you sound kinda awesome when used appropriately.

Moving on. Here is the desk pre-cleaning. There’s a lot of stuff going on there. I came home from school and dumped stuff on my desk. I came home from Paris and dumped even more stuff on my desk. Today when I told my mom what the celebration for the day was she said, “Good, at least something in your room will be clean.” Rude. She just doesn’t understand.

I look like a hoarder.....

So here is the list of the contents.

Sparkly Eiffel Tower
External Hardrive
Supersized Pack of Double Mint Gum
Flip Camera
Two Knives
Paris Themed Dish
DVD Case
Flip Camera Tripod
Computer Manual
Christmas Card from Chelsie
List of Things to Take to Paris
Ticket Stub Diary
Pen that says, “Corporate Volunteer Council of Creater Kansas City”
Red Make-up Case
Rudolph Stickers
iPhone protectors
Paris Labels
Poster Tube
Drawing of Myself from Paris
Lola Perfume
3 Head Bands
Jar Opener
Cheese Board
Andes Mint
Mixed CD from Abby
Data CD
Listography Journal
Airplane Journal
Two Checkbooks
Scotch Tape
Large Photography Print from a Friend
Slap Bracelet Watch
School Work from Tutoring
Styptic Pencil
Margarita Flavored Chocolate Bar
Mojito Flavored Chocolates
Shakespear Themed Gum
Potato Peeler
Two Spatulas
Refrigerator Magnets
Another Christmas Card
A Framed Picture I Received as a Joke

So there’s the list. As you can see in the picture, it was probably too much stuff to be contained on my singular desk. And for the record I got a lot of kitchen stuff and alcoholic flavored chocolates for Christmas.

I decided to put my important papers in a stack on my desk. They will travel back to Norman with me soon and I’ll need to know where they are. All the things that belong under my sink in my bathroom moved there (headbands, acetone, DayQuil, perfume).

All electronic things went in my TV console.

Candy was lumped together.

I ate the Andes mint.

All the kitchen things were placed in a bag to be taken to my house in Norman.

CDs placed in my car.

And various other things were put various other places. Here is the post cleaning pic!

Hooray!! Clean!!

Several of the things that were on my desk were of realtive importance. My passport is probably the most important thing on the desk. I would be sad if I lost it. It has some cool stamps. Fun Fact: I love love love to travel.

That leads me to my next important thing: my Airport Journal. I adore airports and I have a journal about my time spent in airports. It has funny things and stories in it. People that I have met and people that I thought were funny. I also have a journal called Listography. It has pages for lists. Like concerts you’ve attended or favorite places to eat or people that you’ve kissed or pets that you’ve had or cities that you’ve visited, you get the idea. I really like journals. I collect them. Blank paper rules.

The jar opener is an interesting story. My great-grandmother, Memmo (mee-mo), had a jar opener. It has a red handle. It’s in my kitchen right this second. I love it. It reminds me of her and the lemon bars she used to make and the chocolate fudge and her cool old kitchen and her cool old house and how she would probably not be pleased with this run-on sentence. My mom found me the same jar opener at Restoration Hardware this year. Restoration Hardware always has interesting little gifts around Christmas time. Check that out next year, you won’t regret it.

I got drawn in Paris. In the Montmarte area. An interesting man sketched me. I’ll show you the picture some day. It kinda looks like me. I have a weird chin in the sketch. Maybe I have a weird chin in real life….. In any case, that was on my desk.

Lastly, the ticket stub diary. I collect my ticket stubs. I have nearly every ticket stub I have used since the 8th grade. That’s a lot of movies. I started this habit because my 8th grade boyfriend and I went to a lot of movies. So there’s that.

My friend Don also participated and sent me these pictures of his desk! You can follow him on Twitter @donto and you probably should he’s cool.

Don has a cool camera, a bag of Legos and a lot of change.

Minimalist themed. I like!

I hope that if you participated your desk cleaning went as well as mine did. I should have taken a picture of the rest of my room. It’s spooky. Particularly my closet. There are monsters in there for sure.


I pinky promise I’m not a hoarder. I think.

PS: If you know what the Corporate Volunteer Council of Greater Kansas City is or how I came to have one of their pens let me know.


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