Well today was the first celebration that involved other people. Or was focused on other people. It was National Pharmacists Day. Cool. I love pharmacists. Right? Right. We all love pharmacists. They are legal drug dealers. The hippest of all. They have lab coats and drive throughs and access to those orange bottles. All three cool things!

Needless to say, I had lofty goals of what this day was going to look like blog-wise. Let me set the scene….(dreamy music like a flashback scene in a movie)….. Imagine me walking into the pharmacy like I’m on mission. Smoke creeps across the floor from an undisclosed smoke machine location. I wind through the freakishly unneccesary items they sell at Walgreens. I arrive at the pharmacy. Gasps from the patrons. Cries of joy from the pharmacists! “National Pharmacists Day WILL be celebrated,” they shout! I present them with a 3 layer cake. They cheer. I take their picture. We have a party.

Let me be the first to crush your dreams. That was not even close to what happened today. NOT EVEN CLOSE. I decided to go to Hallmark to get a card. I got a giant card. The cool ones that you see in Hallmark, but never actually purchase (unless you are my Aunt Becky).

I wrote a really great message inside. Something about thanks for helping others when they aren’t feeling their best. La la la. It was precious. I waltz into Walgreens. I get to the pharmacy. I wait in the line. I get to the front. I tell the girl that its National Pharmacists Day and that I’m celebrating. She sends me to the other guy. I tell him my story. The blog. The holidays. The current day and its relevance to his life.

He wasn’t super jazzed. He wasn’t unjazzed. He just wasn’t super jazzed. He was neutral. Which made me sad. I wanted him to be so so so happy about the celebration. He said he would give the card to his manager. And that was it.

That was the end.

I walked away and got in my car and didn’t take a single picture. I sat in my car. I was bummed. I sent some texts to some people so they could share in my state of bummed outness. They were as bummed as I was. And rightly so!

I came into this day with lofty goals and I leave with a state of blah.

I want Walgreens and the people I met to know that I love them when I need my drugs. They helped me get meds when I was in Taos and they have a place in Bartlesville and Norman so I can get my drugs with ease. They are just wonderful.

I was just a little bummed that my celebration wasn’t as celebratory as I initially thought. My celebration attempt sucked. It pharmasucked.


Smoke machines should be in more undisclosed locations

PS: Tomorrow is Make Your Dreams Come True Day. I want Ellen DeGeneres to know about The Celebrationist. She loves Twitter. If you are on Twitter let her know!! How cool of a celebration would that be!!!


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  1. Sorry to say that the ‘Ville’s Walgreens is not nice at all! I’ll bet if you went to Drug Warehouse the pharmacists would have been much more gracious!

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