You Know I’m a Dreamer…

Oh, Motley Crue…. you never do me wrong. Today was a dual day. International Skeptics Day and Make Your Dreams Come True Day. Both great days. Somewhat contradictory days, but that’s besides the point.

My true dream is for Ellen to know about The Celebrationist and to want to help me celebrate and bring me to the show and hang out and dance and spread joy. While it is lofty, it’s what my dream was…is. I feel like Ellen would just absolutely love some of the days I’m celebrating. Appreciate a Dragon Day has Ellen written all over it.

One of my favorite parts of this blog is that when anyone asks me about it, they automatically ask two questions: what is today’s celebration? What celebration is on my birthday? I tell them the holiday for the day and if their birthday is within the month I sometimes can answer their second question. The point is, everyday is a day. Which means Ellen could be jazzed about this blog 365 days a year!

So today, I woke up and tweeted Ellen. Some other people tweeted Ellen about The Celebrationist. No bites. @TheEllenShow didn’t see it. But that’s ok. I tried. I will continue to try for the rest of the year. Ellen rules and hopefully she will find out about this. If you know her, her gardener, her mailman or anyone that has any kind of contact with her, tell them. Tell them about the blog. I still get surprised and awkward when I hear that people read this. I immediately rack my brain for typos or anything that could be taken controversially. But I do love that people find joy and humor in reading these posts.

I figured I would also share some things that are currently on my bucket list in order for you to see that my dreams aren’t only Celebrationist based. However, you will see that they aren’t exactly meaningful things. Don’t judge. Here’s a portion of the list:

Paint a painting and have it displayed in a gallery/art show/museum.
Visit 100 countries.
Ride on a motorcycle.
Be an actress in an infomercial.
Dance with Ellen.
Live in England.
Ride in a Blackhawk helicopter.
Be in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Witness a flash mob.
See the Aurora Borealis.
Ring the Stock Exchange Bell.
Put a lock on a certain bridge in Paris.

(I left things out based on their ability to make me look insane. Like one thing I accomplished right before Christmas break. It was my secret bucket list item, so I can’t tell everyone about it. But just know that I accomplished that and I witnessed a flash mob/rave.)

If you have access to a motorcycle, infomercial director, Ellen, a job in England, helicopters or the Stock Exchange let me know. I am interested in being your friend. I promise to actually be your friend and not just use you for your cool connections.

Let me explain be in an infomercial. I want to be one of the people who demonstrate how insanely difficult it is to flip eggs without the utensil they are selling. I want to be the person buried in their shoes, because they don’t have the shoe organizer. I want to be the person that slices their leg off because they need the fancy razor. I want to be that girl.

National Skeptics Day. This day sort of hits home with this blog. I’ve mentioned it before, but a few people didn’t think I could do this. They didn’t think it would happen. Blah Blah Blah Yada Yada Yada Doubt Doubt Doubt. I would say that my first almost fortnight of the year 2011 has gone splendidly. I think the rest of this month and the months to come will be even better. For one, I’ll be back a school and have a much more scheduled celebration time and post time. I will also be better at selecting holidays to celebrate. Not that I am disappointed with any of my selections, I just know how to select more wisely (wiser? wiserly? they made me laugh).

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t accomplish something. Or that your blog won’t last. Or that it will be too hard. If you want to make your dreams come true by having a blog and having delusional thoughts that it’s going to turn into a financially viable career then do it.


I hope at least 1 person understood my Motley Crue reference.

PS: Speaking of dreams…. last night I had two dreams. The first was about a war I was involved in. Indians and robots vs. cowboys and normal humans. There was a canyon of sorts and glittery smoke. Things got crazy. The second dream was about an email I received. The sender was telling me about his dog Rezar and asking if I was taking a poly sci class in the fall.  It was a weird night.



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4 responses to “You Know I’m a Dreamer…

  1. Whitley Saddoris

    Hey Kate I just think this is super cool. First off, I think you can do this not only is it fun but also some what educational. Secondly, I agree that Ellen would love this and she would totally help you celebrate… Can’t wait to see you on the show! haha. And lastly I love your passion for life, don’t ever lose it!

  2. abbybeard20

    Proud to say I was one of the first people to be informed on the “before christmas break bucket list achievement” I was also the one who told you it was going to/should happen, you laughed and told me to go to bed. boooo-yah.

  3. Kathleen Donoghue

    So very curious about your secret bucket list item! I’m enjoying following your celebrations here in Spain.

  4. Financially viable reality is not impossible, duh. Also I am going to be the reason ellen finds out about you. And if there’s a day that is boring and I succeed in Ellen noticing, we change that day to chelsie rules! Day.

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