Bald Eagles.

Rule. Bald eagles rule. They are the symbol of this great country. They soar around elusively from peak to peak. They are king of birds. Literally. Bald eagle vs. an ostrich. Bald eagle wins 7 times out of 10. Anyway. Today is Bald Eagle appreciation. In honor of this fine day, my dear friend Chelsie looked up bald eagle stuff while I was cleaning my room. I am currently listening to The Eagles. Hotel California happened so did Take It Easy.

So I have come to find that eagles are prominently displayed on very white trash paraphernalia. Gas stations are full FULL of bald eagle decorated everything. If it’s in a gas station it has a bald eagle on it. Why is that? Do people really buy the gas station t-shirts that have an eagle perched on a mountain peak that is clearly not in the state you purchased it in? Are people really looking to decorate their homes with eagle figurines? Apparently. I boggles my brain.

Today Chelsie and I tried to join the National Bald Eagle Association, but it was $100 to sponsor a nest. Which is great, but I don’t have the dollars to be throwing at a bald eagle nest. And what do they need that $100 for? Don’t the eagles build the nests themselves? Have the bald eagles evolved so much that they are charge a nest fee so they remain not-extinct? I doubt it.

Chelsie also tried to fill out an application for me to work at the National Bald Eagle Foundation in Alaska. But I had to be willing to live without cell phone, internet and cable TV for three months. They mentioned a lot about cleaning stuff and isolation. So we opted out of that.

I tried my best to support the eagles today. I feel that I learned more about bald eagles than I ever knew before. Did you know they builded their nests 13 ft deep and 8 ft wide. No wonder they need $100. They are off the endangered list. They prefer to live near water. Their diet consists of fish. And the funnest of facts, a bald eagle family recently relocated to Harlem. Cool.

I leave you with the following pictures. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I’m sure your significant other or person you wish was your significant other would love one of the following gift items. I know I would.

Bald Eagles love bikes. Duh.


Nothing says I love you better than an eagle holding wine.


7 out of 10 isn’t the best of odds….

PS: I am freakishly sore today. I’m not exactly sure why. I mean I fell through a ceiling, but I feel like I arm wrestled a gorilla.


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  1. Wes

    I thought you hated animals?

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