THE best holiday of all!

Today is Appreciate a Dragon Day! I have been waiting for this day since I decided to start this blog. I didn’t really know how I was going to celebrate this day, but I knew that I had to do something great.

My celebration started off with a trip to Petsmart. I don’t really like animals. I mean…I mean I like animals, I just don’t like pets. I love the zoo. I just don’t want to have a zoo in my house.

Anyway, I went to Petsmart. I knew that they would have small dragonish type lizards. And I was right. They had Chinese Water Dragons. I have somewhat of a fear of holding spooky things. But I knew that I was going to have to hold this thing. Daniel the Petsmart man wasn’t going to let me get out of there without holding the spooky little monster.

I got brave. I got brave only after freaking out just a little bit. So I held it. Here are the pics.

Oh hi there. I appreciate you.

We are best friends.


I wasn't a fan of that spooky tail.

 Dragon bonding at Petsmart went smashingly. It was really cool actually. I could feel his little lungs working and it was great. I also really wanted to buy a chameleon. But Daniel told me it was hard to keep them alive and that they are sensitive and that you can’t handle them very much. Then I remembered I didn’t like pets.

After I left Petsmart, I went to find the movie How to Train Your Dragon. I borrowed it from a friend of a friend. I am currently watching it as I write this. Hiccup is the man. Toothless is the coolest dragon around. Hiccup’s dad is the biggest idiot of all time.

But I am officially obsessed with this movie. I haven’t seen it until now. It is so good. I love that Kristin Wigg plays a character. She sort of uses her Virgania Hornsen voice and it makes me laugh. You need to watch the Virgania Hornsen skits on SNL if you haven’t seen them yet. You also need to watch this movie.

I was brainstorming other possible movie ideas that have dragons in them. Mulan. Lord of the Rings. Harry Potter. Sleep Beauty. Etc. Etc.

So there’s that. I am immersed in dragon culture. Here’s another fun dragon fact. I have a dragon on the back of my car as a bumper sticker. I went to Wales this summer and I did a project with National Museum Wales last spring. It was my capstone project for Public Relations. I sort of fell in love with the country of Wales. Their symbol is a dragon.  This is their flag.

A cool dragon.

So I hope that you enjoy this most glorious day of dragons. If you know one be sure and let them you know appreciate them.


Buying a dragon.


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One response to “THE best holiday of all!

  1. Wes

    Kinda ironic how Friday’s post is about hating animals then your next 2 days enter on them. And you claim to have “bonded” with that lizard.

    Anyways, glad this fell on my birthday. Fitting since last night I fed with my cousin’s chameleon. Fed it crickets from across the tank, he’d spit his tongue out 4-5 inches & eat them. Pretty awesome. Not a proper dragon, though.

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