Popcorn Day

I love popcorn. It is one of my most favorite snacks of all time. It’s delicious. It’s convenient. It’s buttery. It’s the greatest. If you haven’t ever had popcorn you really need to try it. I have several popcorn situations to discuss.

1.) Instant Grat.

On Sunday nights my friend Matt hosts movie night at his house. It’s one of my favorite nights of the week. It’s a blast. We watch an obscure movie that Matt selects from the instant stream option on Netflix (except when the crowd vetoes his decision and we watch Despicable Me). We fill his living room and we are usually never disappointed. Matt makes peach tea and it’s delicious. But the crowning jewel of Instant Grat night is Cullen’s popcorn. Last semester Cullen started making popcorn on the stove. He dove into this endeavor hoping for the best. He got the best. Which in turn means that we get the best popcorn. Cullen expanded his techniques to kettle corn. It is delicious. I love love love Cullen’s kettle corn. I get so jazzed when I walk in for Instant Grat and there is a large pan of popcorn on the stove. It’s a glorious day and a glorious snack.

2.) Going to the movies.

I love seeing movies in theaters. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I love previews. I love the atmosphere. I love the noise the projector makes. I actually have a book of all of the movie stubs I have used since the year 2003. That’s a lot of stubs. I have my stub to LOTR: TT and all three of my stubs to LOTR: ROTK. I have the stubs from the movies I saw with my 8th grade boyfriend and I even have the stub from the movie when I got my first kiss. But we are talking popcorn here, not ticket stubs. I love that large bucket of popcorn that they tempt you with. It costs a bajillion dollars but it is so delicious! I can’t resist! Sometimes I go for the squirty butter. But only if I don’t have to squirt it on myself. And only if they put in half the popcorn a layer of squirty butter and then the rest of the popcorn and another layer of squirty butter. I never eat the entire bucket. I don’t even come close. But come on! They tempted you with a free refill! As you sit down to enjoy movie trivia (the answer is always Heather Graham or Matthew Perry) you being to eat your crate of corn. I feel as if everyone has a personal contest as to see how many pieces they can get into their mouths at once. You never make all them in, but you give it the good old college try. (What does that even mean?) And by the end of the trivia and previews and THX display of optimum sound you are so over eating popcorn and you didn’t even make it to the second butter layer.

Apparently I only had two popcorn situations to discuss, but that seems a sufficient amount. Popcorn Day is great. Go puffed corn+air!! You rule!


I have a ticket stub to a movie called Stranger on February 10, 2006. I have no idea what that movie was.


A price per piece popcorn analysis.

Assuming that a large bucket of popcorn is $5.75 and assuming that there are 800 pieces of popcorn in a bucket (this could be off, I’m not mathy) that means that you are spending 0.7 cents on each piece. That’s insane. Forget oil you should go into popcorn. Go ahead and change majors now…



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3 responses to “Popcorn Day

  1. sister abby

    “Stranger” is probably “When a Stranger Calls” it came out my 6th grade year, aka 2006.

  2. Ben

    I disagree, I think it’s probably for the movie “stranger than fiction” you know, the one with will ferrell… either way, I digress, I came to the comments section to make fun of you for having your first kiss in a movie theater, so. BAHA!

  3. Jump Shot

    Ben burned you pretty good. I came to say that I will not be switching majors and there are no more than 200 pieces of popcorn in a large bucket. Guaranteed.

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