DJ Day

So I was thinking of my favorite DJs. DJ Tanner is clearly my favorite of all the DJs. She is so great and cool. We had a lot in common. You know, stirrup leggings, bright colors, scrunchies, bangs, three dads. Well not really three dads and Bartlesville and San Francisco aren’t really the same. But we totally identified. This isn’t really the DJ that this holiday is supporting, but I thought I would be as inclusive as possible.

The real DJs this supports are the Disk Jockeys. The kings of radio. The voice on the air. Another cool saying. They are the promoters are all things music. They have THE best opinions about music. They know ALL the cool bands. They are geniuses. Or so they think. They aren’t really that great. They have interesting nicknames and talk about strange things and play the same songs, but whatever they are DJs they can. Wouldn’t it be funny if DJ tanner was a DJ. Her DJ name would be DJ DJ. Or DJ squared. Or something else existential and lofty.

Fun Fact: one time I won tickets on the radio. I won two tickets to The Killers concert in Oklahoma City. I couldn’t go. I think I gave them to my friend Brice. I don’t know if he went or if the tickets were even used, but I won them and that’s the moral of this story.

I guess that Disk Jockey Appreciation Day is probably actually about real DJs like the ones at weddings and clubs. But I don’t really know any of those. They seem cool. They wear flat bills. And flat bills are a symbol of being awesome. Didn’t you know? I bet you didn’t. Now you do.

So my celebration of this day actually took place a couple of weeks ago with the hope of having some thing insane to tell you today. I emailed three different radio stations in Oklahoma City telling them that I wanted to come appreciate them. I would have brought them donuts and milk or breakfast burritos or chocolates or anything! I would have brought this with the hope of getting to be on their radio program and discuss this blog I have or something. But alas, they didn’t email me back. So I didn’t get to appreciate them as planned. Whateves.

So please listen to your radio. Sing along to the words of the songs you hate. Sing the radio station name jingle. Bask in the glory of preselected music! If you have a bash to attend this weekend, give that DJ a wink. Put in your song selection. Dance your heart out.


I had the most insane bangs as a grade schooler.

PS: DJ nicknames. I decided that since I chose my Harlem Globetrotters nickname I needed a DJ nickname. I asked the people I was with for the last round of nicknames and I did the same for this one. The two best options were: DJ K8erade and DJ Stache. Hilarious. Stache…Beard… you know I love facial hair references.


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  1. The real DJ Tanner

    I’m a man.

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