Hug a Squirrel

Today is another one of those days that has multiple holidays. It’s like having dual citizenship, but less awesome. Today we have National Hugging Day and Squirrel Appreciation Day. Good thing when I was in Paris I found this little guy.


A fine display of French squirrel art. It's very rare, you know.

I love taking pictures with squirrels.

So I was preparing for Squirrel day quite some time ago. As you can see by the previous photographs. Good news, I’ve been preparing for National Hugging Day for a while too. Basically my entire life. I’m a pretty good hugger. Not the greatest, but I give a good hug. (she gives good nods….) I like hugs. But I don’t like it when people say, “I’m a hugger…” and then expect you to give them a hug. It’s just strange. It makes me feel strange. But I do like hugs.

Today in honor of these two holidays I celebrate accordingly.

My friend Kelly loves squirrels. I made sure today that she knew that I appreciated squirrels and that I thought she was cool. Because she is. She went to England with me last summer and whenever we saw squirrel things we would always tell Kelly. And that was more often than you would think. England is very much pro-squirrel.

For National Hugging Day I hugged a good friend of mine. He was driving through Norman and we went to Sonic. His name is Bobby. He does cool stuff. Here is his website. You should check it out. He got the only hug I gave out today on this day of hugging.

Whenever people found out about the holiday for the day, they always said Hug a Squirrel Day. Which sounds awesome. Especially if you love animals as much as me. And even more especially if you love getting rabies as much as me. If I saw a squirrel I would have quietly appreciated him from a distance. Maybe yelled some appreciative phrases in his direction. But then I would have looked like a freak. Yelling positiveness. Things like, “Good job collecting those nuts!!” or “I like your ability to climb trees with ease!!” or “I appreciate your squirrelness!” or “You rule!” You know, normal things to say to a squirrel.

I hope that you didn’t shoot that annoying squirrel in your back yard today. You should get back to that tomorrow, but not today, today you have to appreciate the squirrels. That reminds me, I’m fairly certain my mother hunted a squirrel in our backyard with an airsoft gun and a BB gun. I think my dad ended up killing it. Don’t worry he killed it on a non-squirrel holiday like today, I think.


I like your ability to climb trees with ease is the strangest thing ever to yell at a squirrel.


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One response to “Hug a Squirrel

  1. Joy Poole

    I don’t like squirrels. They are always out to get me on the path. They scare the crap out of me! One day a huge one ran out in front of me, at first I thought it was a cat! If my reaction had been filmed I would be the talk of the town! Sabotage!

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