Fancy Rat and Mouse Day

Today is weird. Mice and Rats!! Being fancy! An abomination! But seriously those dudes are disgusting. This day is going to have several stories about my interactions with fancy rice and mats. I mean rats and mice.

Story #1:

This Christmas break my sister and my brother, Abby and Tom, got hamsters. Not quite a rat or mouse, but close enough! Abby has two of these beasts and Tom has four. They are actually kinda cute. They bite your fingers with their inadequately sized teeth for human consumption. So one morning, I was lying in my bed. I was nice and snuggled. Minding my own sleep business. Tom was the only other person home. He storms into my room. And shrieks, “KATE! ONE OF MY HAMSTERS IS MISSING!” Oh no. OH NO. I mildly panic. I go upstairs with tom and we search for the rogue hamster. We can’t find it. I ask Tom, “Which one is missing?” He replies, “Quentin Carter.” Ok so Quentin Carter the hamster is missing. I guess when you aren’t the parent, and when it isn’t technically your house, you aren’t desperate to find the hamster. I sort of gave up. My mom ended up finding Quentin Carter under the couch, thankfully.  I wish I had a picture. I’ll post it if I find it.

Story #2:

My friends live in a big house together. They have a really cute house. Full of cute things. However, there is one terrifying guest. They have mice. Not of the fancy variety. Currently Katie is telling me about the mice. Mice facts: there are at least 20, rat poop was found in their beds after Christmas break, they ate through a bag of cough drops and multivitamins, and exterminator came, they didn’t die, they ate through the couch and the mouse den is in the couch. Another tidbit, they reproduce every two weeks. My dear friends set up mouse traps…. incorrectly. They are fixed now and hopefully the mice will leave the building, just like Elvis.

Story #3:

My friend Nicole and I were sitting at a restaurant in Paris this summer. We were talking about how it would be funny if Ratatouille was there. We look over, there he is. We get creeped out. We leave.

Story #4:

Dinner for Schmucks was showing on the plane on the way home from Paris this Christmas break. It was so painfully awkward. I have never felt that strange watching a movie. It just made me feel strange. But there are a lot of fancy rats and mice. The fanciest in fact. Google those. You will be pleased and slightly weirded out. But mostly pleased.

I wanted to go back to Petsmart and hold fancy rats and mice, because when I was holding the dragons I saw them there. But today got busy and I didn’t get a chance. I shared my fancy rodent stories with my friends and got to hear theirs as well. It was a fancy rodent party if you will.


I hope I don’t find Quentin Carter under any more furniture at my house.



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