Handwriting Day!

I apologize. My Bs don’t look like Bs. My Hs look like Ns. My Rs look like Vs. Good luck reading this.


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One response to “Handwriting Day!

  1. Tri

    Tri is weird story: in 8th grade, I hated how I wrote my ‘h’, so I decided to make a new ‘design’ for it. After I finished with that, I thought, well, why don’t I redesign my handwriting entirely. I went through many iterations of designs until I thought it was ‘cool’ enough. For some letters I had troubles with, I went online to look for famous people’s signatures for inspiration. A week later, I changed how I drew every single letter. I practiced by picking up a random book and rewrote the whole thing, by hand (it was a short book, I wasn’t that crazy). Umm, yeah, your friend was and still is weird.

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