Beer Can Appreciation

I appreciated the heck out of beer cans today. I knew that my celebration today would include going to a liquor store and buying the fanciest/most outrageous beer can I could find. What I discovered was that there aren’t a lot of beer cans being sold individually and that beer bottle labels are designed much more creatively than beer cans.

I went to two different liquor stores in Norman to search for beer cans. At liquor store number one I found a can of Boddington’s. Boddington’s is a British beer. It’s tasty. It’s my favorite beer to drink from the can. My dad is the one that told me about it and it is delicious. It’s can is yellow and black and my favorite color is yellow… so you see why I like it. Here is a picture.

A lovely shade of yellow.

So I have a Boddington’s in my fridge. I didn’t drink it. But I will eventually. I just wanted to appreciate it for now. But I did buy a really cool beer today. And by really cool I mean that it had a cool can. It said hilarious stuff. First of all, it’s called Buffalo Sweat. Second of all, it was disgusting. I love stouts. But this was strange. Extra salty and literally tasted like what I imagine buffalo sweat would taste like. So all together not so good. But the can is what is important. On the back of the can it says the following: Dangerously Dark. Authentically Awesome.


The fact that it said Authentically Awesome made me laugh so I bought it. I think I’ll start using that. Kate Beard: Authentically Awesome. This Blog: Authentically Awesome. Sometimes you just need to remind people how authentically awesome you are. I wouldn’t suggest that you fall for the same marketing ploys that I did, unless you are a fan of buffalo sweat flavoring. If you are, cool. Everyone needs a hobby.

Here is what the can looks like. Just in case you want to know exactly what not to purchase. Ever.

Canned animal byproduct.

Several of my friends wanted to celebrate this aluminum lovers holiday and who am I to deny people their right to celebrate.  I mean I write about celebrations, but I’m not the keeper of all holidays. If there is such title that would be a lot of power. Useless power, but power nonetheless. But we all drank a beer together (creatively) and appreciated the cans. It was a great celebration.

I have a follow up to Popcorn Day to share with you. Last night was Instant Grat. Good news, we had popcorn. It was delicious.

The Food Network should be jealous.

Cullen has a degree in Mastery of Popcornery.

Mastery of Popcornery is absolutely a real thing. Don’t Google it. It’s real.

So appreciate your favorite can of beer today or some other delicious beverage. Mt. Dew did a redesign of their cans recently I think. I’m sure Shasta has some cute cans. Who am I kidding? Shasta is worse than Buffalo Sweat.


I really should have found a can of Bison Sweat, it would have been so much better.


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One response to “Beer Can Appreciation

  1. Abby

    Bison Sweat would NOT be better, they are endangered and you know that Kate.

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