MacBook Awesome.

I got rid of my old computer and bought a MacBook Awesome. It’s new. It’s shiny. It’s really just my same computer with a new and improved name. Speaking of new and improved, I changed the blog banner and theme. I am infinitely more jazzed about the levels of cuteness that now exude from the screen. Cuteness levels are vitally important to my life. If I could track them on my site stats I would.

So today is Macintosh Computer Day. I don’t know about you, but I am pro-mac. Team Mac, if you will. And you will. I love my MacBook Awesome. If you are reading this on your PC. That’s cool. I’m sure you had a really good reason to buy it. I know that businessy people need Windows for businessy things. But I’m not businessy. I don’t have business socks. I like design and being crafty. Hence, my MacBook Awesome.

So on this Macintosh day I felt like I should share with you some interesting things.

When I was in Paris I went to a lot of museums. I love museums. I think my most favorite date of all time would be going to a museum. Or to Ikea, but some movie ripped that idea off. But anyway I was at a museum. The Louvre to be exact. In the basement of the Louvre, and I say basement extremely loosely, it’s like a shopping mall/food court/underground wonderland down there. And lo and behold, there it was. An Apple store. AT THE LOUVRE. Art and my favorite media devices of all! Can life get better? I submit that it cannot!!!

Apparently there is a no small children allowed policy.

I feel like this is what happens at the Louvreintosh store.

Guy Number 1: This art is le awesome.
Guy Number 2: No kidding this art is totally le awesome.
1: You know what totally le awesome art reminds me of?
2:  No, what?
1: The fact that I need a new MacBook Le Awesome.
2: Good thing there is strangely located Louvreintosh store in the faux basement.
(1: Now feed me the rock.)

I mean that’s what I imagine probably went down once.

I do really love my Apple products. I would be lost without them. Literally, that map on my phone is genius.

My dad really super wanted to be included in today’s blog post. This is a text message I received from him:

“…am I in the running for Mac appreciation…new rearranged office…more Macs…can get pictures…”

I think his space bar is broken. He loves a good dot dot dot.

He is not so secretly my biggest fan. The man has a thing for Apple. He loves the Apple store. They should give him the t-shirt uniform. He is there often. But there was a day in the not so forgotten past that he was unfamiliar with these glorious technology devices.

Back when I was in early high school, being awesome, wearing Lucky perfume (you know, the one in the pink bottle), I used old school (by old school I mean the ones that were sort of huge with the colored shell) Macs to design my school newspaper. I was telling my parents that we really needed to switch over to Macs at home. I mean we just got iPods and those things rule. So why not get a computer? Well they weren’t having it. Yet. I eventually convinced Father Beard that this was the greatest idea of all time and he finally got it. And now we have an Apple store at our house…. Beardintosh… or something.

But he will tell you, like his has told me only one singular time, that he remembers when the very first Macintosh computers came out and that he loved them before I did. So there’s that. Macs rule. PCs don’t.


Kate Beardintosh



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5 responses to “MacBook Awesome.

  1. Ben

    It’s called an ellipsis…

  2. Geoff

    PC’s are more compatible with video games still. Don’t judge me. I’m a gamer. Live with it.

  3. Abby

    I laughed out loud, loudly, when I read “now feed me the rock”. Scare the other team with our mad dog faces like what what what what what.. what.

  4. someday when you get married you will have business socks. then it will be business time.

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