Toad Hollow Day of Randomness

Toad Hollow Day of Encouragement.

This is the most obscure day of all. Literally I have no idea what this means. I don’t know where Toad Hollow is. I don’t know why they needed a day of encouragement, but clearly things in Toad Hollow weren’t going too hot. They needed an entire day just devoted to encouragement. But you better believe that I celebrated. I got creative. And by ‘got creative’ I mean ‘got a bottle of wine’. There is a delicious wine called Toad Hollow. So I got it. And then I got all domestic and made chicken alfredo for my friends. Jordan (one out of two of my awesome roommates), Brett, Brian and Kurt and I enjoyed delicious dinner followed by ice cream. And the boys bought cones. Which means I had an ice cream cone at my house. Sometimes I forget that ice cream cones exist outside of Braum’s. But they do. Because I had one. Tonight.

You know how I feel about animals in clothes.

So since today is a fairly strange celebration and drinking wine is clearly the best celebration for anything it seems a fitting time to tell you about my outrageous day.

So this morning was my first day of my Big Girl Internship in Oklahoma City. I am the graphics design intern at the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce. I am so excited for the next semester. I am getting to do something that I truly love. Go InDesign!  Anywho, I have driving anxiety. Not really driving as much as making it through the traffic to get to the place on time. I had to be downtown at 9. I live in Norman. It takes roughly 20ish minutes to get there without traffic. I wanted to leave my cute little house at 7:45 so I could gauge the traffic and be there a bit early. What a good plan right! Right.

I woke up at 7:24.

If you aren’t good at calculating how many minutes that is it’s 21. And for those of you that know me well, know that I take a ways to get ready. And by a ways I mean a little under an hour. I have procrastination problems and I get distracted easily in the morning. So my 21 minute mission was underway. I showered. Freakishly quickly. Dried hair. Make uped. Etc. I left my house at 7:50. Not too shabby.

The traffic wasn’t too crazy I got there on time. Had a great first day and was headed back to Norman. I get out of my internship at 2:00. I have class in Norman at 3:00. My professor is a stickler for tardies. I left my internship at 2:20. PLENTY of time to get to my class. Clearly. Fun Fact: I don’t make it to class.

I get to Norman. It’s 2:45. The stop light at the Lindsey was broken. I rear end someone. It’s 2:50. It was the first wreck I have gotten in since I was 17 and accidentally ran into Courtlyn Shoate’s Jeep in Will Haskell’s driveway. Well we are still sitting at the broken light. We get out of the car and decide to go to a parking lot. It’s 2:55. We pull in and I realize that the girl is one of my past professors. She taught my Mass Comm Law class. I’m not making it to class. We exchange nonsense. And I realize I’m not making it to class. So I decide to go to the store and cook dinner and have a glass of wine.

I called my mom to tell her about things and this was the venting that took place, “Hi. I rear ended someone. And I woke up late today for my Big Girl Job. And I’m missing my class. And I need to shave my legs.”

Why I added the part about needing to shave my legs I’ll never know. But I do. I wasn’t lying.

My mom is really wonderful when I tell her things like I rear ended someone. She makes me feel like it was okay that it happened. I mean it wasn’t but she soothes well. She is encouraging. Little did she know, she was celebrating.

But enough of that, back to Toad Hollow! Well, I just found this. It’s the story of the real Toad Hollow day of Encouragement. It doesn’t involve wine. It actually is kind of strange. Let me see if I can sum it up for you.

Michigan. Eunice. A school. Fake town. Voluntoads. Craft fair.

Sounds totally great. But this day really make me think about one of my favorite kids books.

Did anyone else read Frog and Toad books as a child? I did. I loved those guys. They were hilarious. They did hilarious things. This is what I looked like when I read Frog and Toad books. I’m not really sure why that matters, but just so you have a point of reference when you imagine small Kate reading Frog and Toad books.

I was kinda a diva as a child.

I wore bows and dressed up as a princess every Halloween.

Frog and Toad lived in what I can only assume was a town called Toad Hollow. And I can only assume that Frog was kinda pissed about it. So maybe that is the true origin of Toad Hollow day of Encouragement. Frog hated living there and Toad organized the town (and by town I mean the area under a rock where toads and frogs live) into having a huge day where they encouraged Frog to start loving it more in Toad Hollow. I think I just wrote a sequel to those books. I’m a genius.

So there’s that. The most obscure of all the days I’ve celebrated. I will be posting the February list of holidays soon. Under the This Month’s Holidays page. Clearly.

I leave you with a bit of encouragement. I encourage you, on this fine day, to find a reason to celebrate. To celebrate with someone. Make someone smile a ridiculous amount of smiles because of something you did. I love smiling a ridiculous amount of smiles and I’m sure whoever I just encouraged you to hangout with enjoys it too.


The phrase “kiss a lot of toads” weirds me out. Kissing toads sounds terrible.



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2 responses to “Toad Hollow Day of Randomness

  1. I like the new layout — especially the FAQ section, as I think FAQ sections are always bold moves….(implies people have overwhelming questions regarding you. which in this case, I’m sure they do).
    You forgot one Toad-related issue. A band that I vaguely remember being neat and hip when we were 13. See following:
    Can’t wait for today’s celebration.

    Toad the Wet Sprocket

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