The World’s Favorite Textile

Today is Bubble Wrap Day! I could not be more jazzed about this. Bubble wrap is THE greatest form of wrapping entity. Everyone gets that look in their eye when the potential of a bubble wrap popping experience is at hand. You know the look I’m talking about. There are several reasons for this phenomenon. 1) Everyone loves making insane amounts of noise. 2) Everyone loves pushing a button. 3) Popping that bubble is so final. It’s a high we just can’t resist.

So on this fine day of bubble wrapped goodness, I went to FedEx. I bought 50 feet of bubble wrap. I told the FedEx man about my blog and why I was purchasing bubble wrap. He seemed enthused. I wished him a Happy Bubble Wrap Day and headed home.

Also, today in Norman, Oklahoma, USA, there is a snowpocalypse. A snowmageddon, if you will. Basically everyone is preparing to be snowed in for about three days. It’s going to be insane. I’m going to be stir crazy. With that being said, today I was running a bajillion errands to get ready for the next several days. I went to the grocery store. Got the stuff to make chicken chili (thank you Geoff for the idea, thank you Charlene for the recipe).

I’m prepared for a Y2K experience of sorts. (remember how crazy people got about Y2K, what a midnight let down am I right?)

Anywho, due to my errand running and life organization today, I knew my celebration would have to take place later, hence the lateness of this blog. I got home and started cutting squares of bubble wrap.  I cut probably half the roll. That is 25 feet. Good job. I took those squares and shared it with the girls in my sorority. They all were ultra jazzed to get a square of bubble wrap and have their picture taken. At least that’s what I told myself. So here they are. Being jazzed.


So pleased with their bubble wrap gift!

Bubble wrap rules.

This is Kathleen. She got creative.

Fists of fury.

After all of that bubble wrap glory, I came home and remembered that I had another half a roll of bubble wrap! What to do with the this glorious roll of padded funness? Make a bubble wrap outfit seemed fitting. So I got to work. This is the result of my endeavor. I’m applying to Project Runway next week. Also, the outfit that I am wearing underneath my bubble wrap cocktail dress is what I like to call my ‘snowpocalypse uniform’.


Bubble wrap is the fanciest of all textiles.

And I am the fanciest of all bubble wrap models.

This is one hour into the snowpocalypse.... prepare yourselves for the next 3 days...

After I finished being a fashion designer, I remembered that I am going to a Lady Gaga concert in April. A costume would be a fairly fitting thing to wear to her concert so I did a redesign of my outfit. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


ga ga ooh la la.

Apparently when you pretend to be Lady Gaga you don’t smile. Smiling is overrated when you are a scary pop star, just in case you were wondering.


This bubble wrap scarf seems like it would be less in the way of other people watching the concert.

Apparently you do smile. I was wrong.

Bubble wrap day was clearly a success. Also, fun fact: bubble wrap was initially designed to be wallpaper. I just envision someone trying to reach to the top of the wall to pop all of those bubbles and then I laugh.

This is also the last blog of January. I have successfully blogged one entire month. I am 1/12 of the way finished. I have a lot of exciting ideas and plans for the next several months. And I can’t wait to share them with you. I am proud of myself for finishing the first month. I feel like it is a mini accomplishment. Thanks for hanging out with me and putting up with one months worth of antics. Check out the This Month’s Celebrations section to read about the next month!


Wallpapering the guest bathroom.



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  1. postadaychallenge2011

    Hillaaaaarious…you make me laugh. The other day I had to help a lady pick out the “ugly” sweater for a “ugly” sweater Party. It was the best day of my entire life.

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