Today is Freedom Day and GI Joe Day. Both were rather difficult to celebrate. Today is the snowpocalypse in Norman and  I have been in my house all day long. However, I am totally free from school. Today was cancelled and so is tomorrow and I am hoping for Thursday to be cancelled as well. If Thursday is cancelled that will mean that I didn’t have school at all this week. Yes, that does mean that I don’t have class on Mondays or Fridays. It is one of the better decisions I have ever made. I am loving this semester all ready.

So I have been free from school. Free to do as I please. What did I do with my freedom you ask? I watched a french rom com called Heartbreaker. I did my laundry. Which entailed literally every article of clothing I own. I haven’t done laundry since I came back to school. That’s a lot of laundry. I did an online test (not completely free from school). But this class is called Life After OU. I learn about life and how to handle it and what not. The test was pass fail. I had to fill in the blanks about a lot of life questions. Like name an important fact about the following years. It was hard. Good thing I knew my history.

After my pretend test, I made delicious chicken chili. I made a vat and had people over to come eat it. Then I discovered new arrivals on Netflix. Fun fact: Hey Arnold!, Angry Beavers and Rocko’s Modern Life are all available for instant stream. I was super de duper jazzed. I watched some Hey Arnold! and now I’m watching Romeo + Juliet. Fun fact: Paul Rudd is in this movie. He is super young and super hilarious.

My day of freedom/do whatever I please is going splendidly.

Other things about freedom. I have a friend who fought for our freedom. He is kinda awesome. I think he is kind of a big deal. He spent one year of his life risking his life for us. I appreciate my freedom more than ever because of him.

11:03 p.m. HOLD THE PHONE!

Literally, as I am writing this the following scene unfolded.

My friend Melissa lives in LA and is a huge deal. She is in my phone as Guy Number 2 and I am in her phone as Guy Number 1. We love SNL and The Lonely Island. She texted me this: “Jorma from the lonely island is in the same coffee shop as me.”

I immediately start sweating and hyperventilating. I send the following: “Oh my god I’m hyperventila.”

I then gave up on spelling hyperventilating and just called her. It took me all of 30 seconds to convince her to talk to him. She is super brave and goes up to him and I hear the following: “My friend Kate is on the phone and she is in my phone as Guy Number 1 and she would love to talk to you.”

My heart stops. He takes the phone: “Hey Guy Number 2.”

I respond in sweaty nervousness: “Hey Guy Number 1.”

We then chat about things. He tells me about a video that’s coming out. I tell him that I love him. Not really, but I wish. I wish him a good coffee experience and then that’s it. I got to talk to Jorma Taccone on the phone. My friend Melissa is the greatest. It was the highlight of my day, week, month. Etc.

This is Jorma if you were wondering.


Now feed me the rock.

If you are so confused still, Jorma and his friends Akiva Schaffer and Andy Samberg are responsible for “On a Boat”, “Hot Rod”, “We’re Two Guys”, “Lazy Sunday”,  and various other things I am obsessed with. I cannot express how much I adore Melissa for being so brave and bold. It made my life. I didn’t know how sweaty I could get so fast. It was embarrassing. But I was so so jazzed. Literally the most jazzed ever.


So now Freedom Day and GI Joe Day seem less awesome. I formally change this day to The Day I Talked To Jorma Taccone On The Phone Day. But I will talk about GI Joe Day for a second. My dad’s mom has a really cool basement of toys at her house. All of my dad’s old stuff is down there. She has the original GI Joe guys and their truck. They have fake beards. I love beards. Of any kind. I don’t think today could get any more awesome. Unless Justin Timberlake is dialing my number currently.


Mrs. Guy Number 2

PS: I got called Guy Number 2 from the actual Guy Number 2.


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  1. Abby

    I’m sure the convo went as follows….

    “Hey guy number one! What? My sister? Oh yah, she loves you too.. She actually put 2 of your songs on an awesome mixed cd she made for me. Yah, she IS really cool.. She wants to be Mrs. Guy Number One. Her phone number? Oh yah, I bet Kiv would want it.. Do you have a pen?”

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