Elmo’s Birthday.

So I’ve been wanting to try out a new feature of my blog since I discovered it a few days ago. It’s Elmo’s birthday so I figured today was as good a time as any. I have the capability of dialing a number on my cell phone and recording a message that I want posted as blog entry here! So instead of reading about my Elmo day antics you will be listening. I will be sure to include some really awesome sound effects and what not. Be expecting a post shortly!!


I heart technology.

UPDATE 8:36 p.m. I did it! I posted by audio file! I’m a really fast talker and I’m sorry. I’m also awkward. I’m sorry. I promise to not use this feature on a regular basis. I will most likely only use it if I am unable to get to my computer. I forgot the sound effects because I was nervous… sorry. Please don’t judge my awkwardness.


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