World Nutella Day.

Have you had Nutella? If not, stop. Get in your car go to the store buy Nutella and a spoon. Pay. Get back in your car and eat it. Then come back here and finish reading. Or don’t. I’m not being pushy I’m just trying to help you live your life the most deliciously.

Well since today is World Nutella Day, I looked up recipes that I could make involving Nutella. Moral of the story, there are bajillions. I have been wanting to make homemade meringue. I love meringue and I was fairly convinced that I could make it. Well it’s in the oven currently and we will see how it turns out.

I found a recipe for meringue covered in Nutella mousse. Well I couldn’t say no to that tastiness. I just finished making the Nutella mousse, which is really just Nutella creamy sauce. It’s less moussy that I imagined, because I didn’t have mascarpone cheese. I went with cream cheese. Mainly because I had it in the fridge and mainly because I’m in love with it.

SIDE NOTE: does anyone watch that Giada De Lourentis cooking show? I’m sure if you are male you have. Has anyone every noticed how she says the name of italian foods? She uses an accent. But only for those words. Everything else is accent free. Mascarpone is one of the THE worst accented words she uses. It drives me nuts.

Well, it’s been about 15 minutes since that last paragraph. The meringues are finished and half of one is in my belly. It was insanely good. Jordan taste tested and she agreed.

Before baking. In all their puffy goodness.

I will do it. I will do it nine times.


Nutella did me right. I was pleased with my efforts. I need to work on my meringue techniques. A lot of them fell as soon as i took them out of the oven. But they are still delicious.

Celebrating is so easy when I get to make delicious things. I love food day celebrations. My hips probably won’t three months from now, when I celebrate a bunch more food days. But who cares? Food is great.

Enjoy World Nutella Day.


I wonder if you really can buy a singular spoon at the store.


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  1. Sarah

    You in fact can buy a single spoon- at walmart they sell them for 0.99 cents a piece!

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