Superb Owl.

I can’t take credit for superb owl. I would like to but I can’t. I’m sure you all know that it’s Super Bowl Sunday. Cool. I don’t not like the super bowl, but I don’t like it either. I’m very neutral on the matter. What I will tell you is that I hate animals.

Let me clarify. I don’t hate animals, I just dislike pets. I’m not looking to be best friends with an animal. The super bowl commercials are always full of animals doing nonsense. Especially clothed monkeys. There is always a clothed monkey commercial. It makes me uncomfortable. I just dislike it.

To be completely honest I am not pleased with the commercials this year. Volkswagen has done a great job. Everyone else hasn’t. Volkswagen had a genius Darth Vader commercial. Doritos made me feel awkward about ever eating Doritos again. I was a fan of the Justin Beiber cameo. Not a fan of the half time show.

The Super Bowl is sort of a giant let down. The Super Bowl is so hyped up and then so not as awesome as expected, hence a let down.

I went to OKC to see some friends I had seen in a while and to watch the worlds greatest sporting event of all time!!! We ate queso and pseudo little smokies in blankets. I had a root beer float milk shake made with a Magic Bullet. And here is where I tell you about how much I love the Magic Bullet.

If you haven’t seen the Magic Bullet infomercial, you are wrong. Watch that. They make a million delicious meals for various hung over/hungry house guests and that brings me to the point of this tangent.

I mentioned in the past that one of my bucket list items was to be in an infomercial. I wasn’t kidding. I desperately want to be one of those ladies that doesn’t know how to cook eggs. Or one of the ladies that sits in her closet unable to organize her shoes. I want to be that lady.

Eating a shake from the Magic Bullet made me want to be in an infomercial even more than ever. I think I might look for auditions. It couldn’t hurt could it? I guess I’ll start practicing doing things poorly. End of tangent.

Back to the title of this post. Superb Owl. Just imagine if two football teams worked semitirelessly to get to the Superb Owl. They each had to care for an owl and raise it and train it to be superb! They would come together and compete in various owl-like events. Catching rodents, turning their heads all the way around, staying up at night. And then the most superb owl would win. I mean it’s just a thought, but there might be a market for that sort of thing.


Superb Owl should co-program with Harry Potter

Ps: The pen Troy Aikman holds when he commentated was only so you could see how gigantic his hands actually are.



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2 responses to “Superb Owl.

  1. Pssst…it’s Troy Aikman. 🙂

  2. Typos will be the death of me….. it’s officially corrected!

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