Letter Writing

Today is a day about letter writing. The moral of the story is that it’s just easier to write someone an email, tweet, wall post or text. We have learned to condense our letters into 140 characters. I can’t decide if that is bad or good. On one hand it forces us to be more creative in how we word things. On the other it limits our creative genius, and believe me I’ve got genius that doesn’t need limiting. Believe me.

But on this fine February 7th, I decided to write a letter. Nay, TWO letters. I found two Valentine’s cards at Walmart the other day that were cooler and cuter and less terrible than all the rest so I bought them. I didn’t know who I was going to send them to or if I was going to send them at all, but I bought them. Now I have two letters to write. I’m writing to two people who I like quite a lot and that mean quite a lot to me. They make my days better. Even if I don’t get to see them every single day of the year and even if I don’t get to talk to them very often.

So I’m writing letters. It reminds me of the scene in Pride and Prejudice where Mr. Darcy is scribing the most brilliant letter of all time. I wish someone would send me the most brilliant letter of all time. That would be brilliant and exciting. These two letters that I am writing and sending aren’t going to be the most brilliant of all time. But they will be very nice. I hope. And I am totally writing them in the writing room of my mansion so it’s practically the same.

I wish I could divulge to whom these letters are intended, but they read this blog. And that would be rude and annoying to tell someone that they are going to be receiving a not so surprise letter in the very near future. It’s the most exciting to be surprised. So surprised they will hopefully be. Hopefully.

Being surprised is the most exciting thing. Anticipating a surprise that you know is coming is the worst. Never say this to someone, “Oh, my gosh…. work is going to be great today…. you never know what might end up on your desk.. (wink face, wink face, elbow nudge, elbow nudge).” Don’t be that human. I don’t like that human.

These are the ultra cute cards that I am sending. I like them. I want to keep them. But now they are full of nice things that aren’t to me, so that would be strange.


Card number one. You are going out-of-state.


Card number two. You are staying in town.




But, my senior year of high school our English teacher had us write letters to ourselves that she was going to mail us in one year. She followed through on her promise and I found the letter in my room a few days ago. I was kind of an idiot.

I talked about my grades, because my grades were insanely important to me in high school. I would turn into a spooky monster that could run her own business when finals week came around. I talked about the ridiculous things my friends and I did. I talked about the dance club we had in Will’s basement. It was called The Jungle. I can sufficiently say that The Jungle is one of the best things my friends and I did in high school. I talked about the places I ate lunch with said friends. I talked about not being ready for college and being scared. I feel like I should write a letter to one year from now Kate. I’m sure it would be an interesting read. Dear Corporate Kate, I hope you found a job. In a cool city. That you enjoy. I hope you have met really nice colleagues. I actually hope that your blog turned into something real. Like a job or something. I just hope a lot of things about your perfect world. Sincerely, College Kate. PS: Don’t beat yourself up about being so optimistic and positive about the real world. You were in college where it’s safe. And please don’t use the word colleagues ever again.

I’m sure that’s something of how it would go.


My mansion has a writing room. Jealous?



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  1. Kate,
    Enjoyed talking with you today. I liked this post…old-fashioned letter writing, even if by card, is a thing of a the past unfortunately. I hope your post gets people to take the time to do that more often.

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