Pruny Hands

Growing up everyone takes baths. Somewhere along the line you transition into shower taking. I don’t know when it happens. But it happens. And for some reason when you are a kid your hands don’t get pruny when you take a bath. But now, now if you take a bath 2 minutes in and your hands are shriveling. It’s a phenomenon.

It’s read in the bath tub day. I took the less naked approach.

So angsty.

I promise that my hair isn’t two entirely different colors. There was a shadow. Ok, so I need to get my hair colored, but not that bad. The book that I am hiding behind is one of my journals. I collect them. That particular one is my favorite. It’s very plain on the outside, but it has a yellow ribbon and yellow is my favorite color. And it has a Jack Handy quote on the front.

“If you go flying back through time, and you see somebody else flying forward into the future, it’s probably best to avoid eye contact.”

This journal is my airport/airplane journal. It has a list of the nonsense that has happened to me in airports or on airplanes. I have a lot of stories. I need to write in it more often. I’ve met interesting people whilst traveling.

I have had coincidental run ins and met dancers and scientists and ball players and coaches and cool kids and wise people and missionaries and barfers and missionaries that were barfing.

That’s the book I was reading.

But back to baths. I take a real live bath about once a month. I overcome my fear of pruny hands. I haven’t really ever understood how to hold a book in the bath without getting it wet. It just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. But apparently people do it all the time. I mean there is a whole entire day dedicated to it.

So that’s why I took the less naked approach. I can’t be soaking my books. So there’s that. Bath day.

If you read in the bath, please let me know how to not soak your books.





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4 responses to “Pruny Hands

  1. STB

    iPad…ziplock bag.

  2. Get in tub. Dry off hands with towel placed near tub. Pick up book and read. This works best with one of those nice tub pillows so you can lean back and relax. I’m a huge fan of reading in the tub!

  3. I’m quite certain this comes from being six feet tall, but I cannot read in the tub unless I’m willing for my entire torso to freeze. Tub water — no matter the tub — always seems to hit me below the breast. Now HOT TUB reading . . . I could go for that!

  4. Your Biffle

    Kate, this is your biffle speaking… I mean this with kindness, and I’m only thinking of you when I tell you this but, you need to bathe more than once a month.

    Your Biffle

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