I know you are probably confused. I know that you don’t know what a Plimsoll is. I didn’t either. Fun fact: it’s a tennis shoe. Like Keds. The cute little ones that everyone wears when there isn’t snow covering every inch of the earth surrounding you. Kate, do you have plimsolls of your own? Thanks for asking! Yes! Yes I do.

Right foot. Plimsolled.

I bought these shoes when I was in England this summer. (I had a situation today. I really really missed England and started looking for jobs there). There is a store in the UK called Primark. It is the Motherland of bargain shopping. It’s like Forever 21 and Tj Maxx and the Dollar Store and a department store had a baby. It is awesome. However, you have to basically fight your way through the store. But it is worth it. Especially when you find the greatest shoes on the planet.

I found these cute (probably poorly made) grey plimsolls. We all bought them. Some of us bought more than one pair. The best part is they were only 2 pounds. That like $3. It’s a freaking steal. I love love love them. They were my friends when I was so tired of wearing sandals through the city. These shoes became an icon of how much we loved England and how tired our feet were. If any of us wore them we knew that their toesies were hurting.

Ok, that’s that. Now for some pressing information.

I received a package today. I actually received two packages today. One from my mom that was full of really wonderful tea and a tea thermos and my blue cowboy boots from Goodwill that I only paid $10 for (I’m wearing them to a blue themed thing I am attending next weekend). But there was another box.

A box with the following information emblazoned across the top.

The mailman is fluent in blur.

Don’t open until February 17th. Do you know what day it is????? It’s the 10th! That’s one entire week!!!! One entire week of looking at this!

Box of Doom

I specifically recall posting this a few days ago:

“Being surprised is the most exciting thing. Anticipating a surprise that you know is coming is the worst. Never say this to someone, “Oh, my gosh…. work is going to be great today…. you never know what might end up on your desk.. (wink face, wink face, elbow nudge, elbow nudge).” Don’t be that human. I don’t like that human.”

And now I’m staring at a mystery package. Now, here is my best assessment of the situation Harriet the Spy style.

1. I got a package from my mom the same day and shipped from the same place as mystery package.
2. It weighs 8 pounds.
3. My parents both swear it wasn’t them.
4. My roommate Jordan acts like she knows something.
5. My Aunt Becky likes to send packages.
6. I don’t like anticipating surprises. AT. ALL.
7. February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day.
8. I can hear packing peanuts inside the box when shaken.

And that’s all I know. My conversations with my parents went like this:

Conversation with Mom: She swears it wasn’t her. She doesn’t know what I’m talking about. She suggested I follow the instructions on the box. (The whole time I think she is lying. She’s been known to lie when presents or surprises were at stake.)

Conversation with Dad: He swears it wasn’t him. He said he would promise it wasn’t him and lie about it, but he wouldn’t lie about a swear. He then turns it into ways to get him involved in the blog. He mentions something about Muckshoes. He says Mom was lying, because she would lie about a present or a surprise. (I believe him. For this reason and this reason only. My father has offered to pay us to find out what his Christmas presents were. He doesn’t like not knowing. He wouldn’t put me in this position. No matter how much he wants to be on the blog. He also mentioned that, “None of the holidays this month interest him.” And that he’s, “looking forward to the next months holidays to participate in.”)

Now I am stuck with the mystery package for one solid week. That’s a lot of self-control that I might not have. I might have to leave it in my car so I don’t look at it for 7 DAYS. Whoever did this to me is really great for sending me something and really not great for sending it to my 7 DAYS in advance. I love you and I hate you. Whoever you are. You are probably my Aunt Becky.





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5 responses to “Plimsoll

  1. Justin Bieber

    Hey I am in love with you and your blog!

    Marry me please.


  2. Miley Cyrus


    What happened to us!!

    Sincerely angry,

  3. Kate Cunningham

    i am so freaking intrigued. this is my favorite post yet… now i want to send you a series of packages Russian-nesting-dolls style and spread out the suspense to see how you can work it into your celebrations.

    keep up the good posts!

  4. Your Secret Package

    Hi- I hope you like me- I already like you. You are witty and fun and cool.

    Love Aways,
    Your Secret Package

  5. becky armstrong

    Not me! Do you think I could keep a secret? I am the one your mom and Barbara don’t tell things to until later!! I will be sending you one now and it will be fun and exciting!

    Aunt Becky

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