Being Electrific

Being electrific sounds all kinds of pretend. But this blog is sort of pretend anyway so I figured that was fine. This day is to celebrate Thomas Edison’s birthday. He invented electricity. And this is a day to celebrate that. I used a lot of electricity today in honor of the day. Because on regular days I don’t use any electricity. Ever.

Things I couldn’t have done today without electricity: played my iPod. Dried my hair in 2 minutes. Curled my hair. Used lights. Used this computer. A menagerie of exciting electrical devices!

I drove home to Bartlesville today to see the family and what not. On the way home I was in the car alone for 2 and half hours. Naturally I took full advantage of that time and sang along to my iPod. I love singing in my car by myself. I adore it. I sort of have the greatest playlist of all time. I made it for OU/Texas weekend. It has 155 songs. All genres. All awesomeness. I turned that on as I left my apartment and made it all the way to Bartlesville. I was literally yelling/singing. It probably wasn’t pretty. But it was so much fun. Some people driving past me definitely saw my rocking out. That was my celebration of electricity. The songs consisted of the following.

The Joker- Steve Miller band
Rapper’s Delight- The Sugarhill Gang
You’re Still the One- Shania Twain
You and Me- Dave Matthews Band
Truly Madly Deeply- Savage Garden
Save Tonight- Eagle Eye Cherry
PYT- Michael Jackson
My Stupid Mouth- John Mayer
Kiss Me- Sixpence None the Richer
I’ll Be There For You- Bon Jovi

Those were just a few. Just a taste out of 155 jams that I rocked from Norman to Bartlesville.

And finally I have one last celebration for electricity.

There is a collection of YouTube videos called Drunk History. The premise of the videos is this. Get someone drunk, make them talk about a historical event, film the whole thing, get famous people to act the stories out.

It is brilliant. There happens to be a Drunk History video about Thomas Edison. It makes me laugh harder than almost any other YouTube video. Just type in Drunk History Vol. 6 in YouTube and you will find it. I’m pretty sure there is some inappropriate language (2 f words) and I know for a fact you see a man barf. Please plug your ears when you expect a curse word and close your eyes when you are anticipating barf. And please don’t judge me for slightly corrupting your brains. Slightly. You will laugh, but if you have an issue with the cursing just opt out.

I knew you would laugh. Sorry about the barf. I don’t promote barf or cursing, but I felt that you needed to know some stuff about Edison and Tesla. Clearly, this was the most accurate and scientific information I could supply you with.


Some people call me the space cowboy

PS: still not pleased about my mystery box. I left it in Norman so I didn’t have to look at it.


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