Valentime’s is serious times.

It’s a day of love. I really love this day. I like the flowers and nonsense. I like the confessions of undying love. I like having a day for love. I have a theory. I’m pretty sure it’s accurate. People who say that they ‘hate Valentine’s Day, because you shouldn’t need to have a day to force you to say how much you love someone’ fall into two categories.

Category #1: They are not in love. They don’t have a person. They want a person. And they just can’t seem to find one.

Category #2: They are in love, but the person they love sucks at holidays, gift giving, affirmation, etc.

Don’t let these people keep you down. Just because you don’t have a lover (hate that word, but necessary here) doesn’t mean that you never will. From now on when people tell me that they hate Valentine’s Day I’m going to respond accordingly.

Love Hater: I hate Valentine’s Day. It’s all about the commercialism…. blah blah blah.
Me (Love Lover): Yeah, I’ve always seen you as the nun type too. (Zing!)

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I wore red and I wore my red heart earrings. I’m practically a kindergarten teacher! This is what I looked like today.

I look like that today. Except minus Alex.

I have had some pretty decent Valentine’s days. Not anything like the greatest of all time, but they have been fun. In high school my high school boyfriend’s mom made us dinner. She made chocolate mousse. I have never had better mousse than that day. I have been on several family dinners with friends of family as well. Those were always hilarious and wonderful. I have danced in a gazebo on Valentine’s whilst eating Frosty’s with my friends. Today I went to a pizza lunch date with Chelsie. It was delicious and love filled.

Today is also Library Lovers Day. Good thing I love the Dewey Decimal System! I am a professional DDSer. When I was in grade school at Wayside Elementary, we watched a video called Tomes and Talismans. It was the most insane thing our little 5th grade brains had ever witnessed.

The premise of this program was to teach you about the Dewey Decimal System. The official description is, “post-apocalyptic library science educational show from the mid-eighties”. The world was over taken by The Wipers. One librarian (she drives a book bus) was put under a spell by a wizard of sorts. She slept for 100 years. She wakes up to find The Wipers (basically hillbillys) running the world. There was a library underground in case of emergencies. She finds it with the humans left on earth, who only eat beef jerky now, and they build a laser. I kid you not that is the premise of the show. I still quote Tomes and Talismans. There is one scene where a human is out in the woods looking for food and he says, “if only I could find a wild hamburger!”

It’s a weird show, but good news it’s on YouTube! And for your viewing pleasure, Tomes and Talismans. This is Part 2. Mrs. Bookheart has already been put to sleep by the wizard and the humans have been evacuated to space. This is 100 years post evacuation.

You can find the rest of the episodes on YouTube as well. Even in the 5th grade I knew this was hilariously awesome. Using the Dewey Decimal System to save the world is one of my dreams. So is defeating The Wipers.

And now my final Valentine’s or Valentime’s Day celebration. This is what I did with my time in middle school. I watched Teen Girl Squad videos. Good news, they also like libraries.

If you do anything for me. Please watch the Teen Girl Squad video. So many of the quips that I use come from Teen Girl Squad videos.


You’ll find me in the reference section!


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