Show of hands. Who doesn’t know who Susan B. Anthony is? I’m not judging you. I’m sure several of  you don’t know. And that’s fine. The American education system has failed you, but that’s fine. Susan B. Anthony campaigned and fought for women’s right to vote. She was brave and sassy and bold. I imagine her being very stately but at the same time fiery. She led the suffrage movement in the US. If I were her I would have come up with a less scary sounding name for my revolution. Suffrage. Come on.

However, she was not so much a looker…

Belle of the ball.

I kind of owe a lot to her. I get to vote because of the work she did. I remember when I was turning 18 I was so incredibly excited to register to vote (I was kinda into politics in high school). Voting was going to be the best thing that ever happened to me. I can only imagine how livid I would have been if I wouldn’t have been allowed to vote. She paved the way. Thanks, SBA.

In honor of Susan B. Anthony Day, which is her birthday, I had some conversations with my friends about this fine woman of history. Neither of them were serious and neither of them focused on the incredible work she did with women’s rights. But both of them were funny.

Alex asked me what the holiday today was and the second I responded “Susan B. Anthony Day!” she made me laugh. She responds, “What does that B stand for?” So we brainstormed. Bananas. The B clearly stands for bananas. Susan Bananas Anthony. Susan Bananthony. It made sense.

SIDENOTE: We have a bad habit of coming up with alternative meanings for abbreviations. My initials, KEB. In high school Alex called me Kate Eats Bunnies. ATW, Alex’s initials, Apple Tasty Waffles. The Chevrolet car called the HHR. Hitler Hates Russia. Listen, we are freaks. We get it. Just let us be.

Banana was the best option for Susan’s middle name. I really did look it up, it’s Brownell. Less exciting than bananas but whatever.

My second conversation was with Chelsie. (I exploit Alex and Chelsie’s nonsense on this blog. They signed waivers. It’s fine) Chelsie has a really cool grandpa named Richard. We went and visited Richard three-ish weeks ago. Richard is wonderful. He loves pocket change. He leaves tips at restaurants in pocket change. But not regular pocket change. Susan Bananas Anthony coins and gold dollars!!!! So I called Chelsie and she told me she had a Susan Bananas Anthony coin to give me for SBA Day. Great! Celebrating will rule. Well come to find out Chelsie and I don’t really know what we are talking about. She had a gold coin. Not an SBA coin. SBAs are half dollars. Wa wa wa…..

But I will give you a Susan Bananas Anthony coin if you can tell me without looking up who is on the gold dollar coin. Exactly you can’t.

Martin Van Buren. President number 8.

Well, I just googled it and apparently there is a presidential series of gold coins being made and he is just one of many. So… trick question! But the coin that I have is of Martin Van Buren…. that would explain my confusion in never knowing he was on any currency.

Now finally, you all know how much my dad is obsessed with this blog. He loves it more than even I do if that’s possible. So of course…. I’m sitting in class this morning and my dear father sends me an email titled ‘sufferage’. I don’t know what the difference between sufferage and suffrage is. I’ll ask my dad. I open it and read the following.

Apparently she was known for her alligator purse…

Love you,

Your research assistant.

He is out of control.

So there’s that. I changed her name, I appreciated my voting, I got not an SBA coin….


Kate Enchiladas Beard (middle name changes are in this year)



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2 responses to “SBA

  1. Shane

    “The American education system has failed you, but that’s fine.”

    Gold medal for this sentence! Actual laughs, out loud

  2. Barb Reese

    Just saw her statue in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda 2 weeks ago. With Natalie and my niece Angie. So thankful for the efforts and sacrifices of the Suffragists. Thank you SBA!

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