The Edgiest of All

It’s National Almond Day. Almonds are the world’s favorite nut. Or at least my favorite nut. I’m not big on the nut family. I really only like peanuts and almonds. All the other ones kind of gross me out. Wednesdays and Thursdays are my busy days. I have my Big Girl internship in the city and class and a million important things to do. What I’m getting at is that I didn’t even get back to my house till after 6 p.m. today. I had no access to almonds all day.

I knew almond day was coming up and I was pondering what kind of almonds I would get in order to celebrate. I have a favorite almond. I’m sure everyone does. You have a favorite almond. Right? Right. I was planning all day to go to the store and buy wasabi and soy almonds. They are covered in wasabi dust. And by wasabi dust, I mean glorious spicy nose burning heaven.

I was getting amped about these almonds. I was driving to the city, thinking about almonds. I was at a networking lunch, thinking about almonds. I was suffering in my three-hour class, thinking about almonds. The second I get out of my class I warp speed over to Walmart. I purchase the following items. One black bean corn salsa. One regular salsa. One container of chicken bite guys from the deli. One can of wasabi soy almonds. One pint of strawberry ice cream. It was a strange Walmart trip. I wasn’t in the mood for anything for dinner. So I ate a little of all of those things. I hear the almond-salsa-ice cream-chicken bite diet is only second to Alex’s Cake Diet.

Back to the almonds! Here is the thing about wasabi soy almonds they are the edgiest of all almonds. It’s like a challenge to eat them. You can’t just pop one in your mouth. It would land on your tongue and the glorious spicy nose burning heaven would destroy you! So when eating wasabi soy almonds, you have to place them accordingly. That means chewing them immediately. Avoiding tongue burning. I’m only looking out for you.

I was fairly excited when I opened the can of almonds. There was a metal seal that I got to peel off. Fun fact: I love peeling off things. Peeling off wallpaper should be my new hobby. Anyway. I got to peel back the foil seal, and I took my time enjoying every second of seal tampering. It was a good day.

Today was also do a Grouch a Favor Day. I’m going to honest, this didn’t happen. I didn’t find a grouch today. In fact, I met some really wonderful people at the Chamber’s event today. I got to go to a networking lunch today. You basically speed date with business owners from the Oklahoma City area. I was speaking about the Chamber’s career fair that is coming up. I met some of the nicest people who were completely in love with their jobs. I have a bag of business cards and some great media connections that could potentially turn into jobs.

However, after spending three hours in my Life After OU class (that had gobs of potential, but has really been a let down) listening to a guy talk about insurance, I was not in the greatest mood of all. In fact, I was fussy and bothery.

SIDENOTE: I made the word bothery up as a child and I still use it. Feel free to add it to your word bank. It means generally agitated. Uncomfortable. Discontent. Annoyed.

I called Chelsie in the midst of my botheryness. She said the following, “You are fussy. Call me after you eat. You are better after you eat.” She knows me so well. I suppose I was the grouch today and did myself the favor of wasabi soy almonds and strawberry ice cream. Mission accomplished.


Making up words since 1994

PS: I’m opening the mystery box at midnight!

PPS: It’s my half birthday. Halfpy Birthday to me.



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3 responses to “The Edgiest of All

  1. Abby

    1994 was a great year in the Beard home. New vocab words, and a new sister! I remember it like it was yesterday.

  2. Barb Reese

    I have a relative who is a major league grouch and I did a very nice thing for him…paid his car repair bill that was $$$$. Not kidding. And no surprise…he is still grouchy, although he said thank you, and I think he appreciates it….
    Still very much believe in doing something nice for a grouch, and will do more nice things for him every day for a while, because he is having a very rough time right now. 😉

  3. Kim Copeland

    I love your blog Kate!! Personally, the chili lime almonds are my favorite. I enjoyed the fact that you made up a word as a child and still use that word. Ever heard the word “tackerated”? My youngest made that one up when he was about three. He was referring to his wrinkled sock inside his shoe. You know when your sock has that tiny wrinkle and you feel like the princess and the pea? It drives him crazy! Anyway, he said in agitation, “Mom, my sock is all tackerated!” We now use his word to describe anything that is messed up or out of sorts in any way. So if you need a new word, feel free to use “tackerated”. I like it! Maybe your made up holiday could be, make up a new word day? Keep up the celebrating!

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