Random Kindness

First things first, I opened the mystery box. Opened it at midnight. I was a kid on Christmas morning. It was glorious. Here are things I now know about the mystery box:

1. It was from my sister Abby and her best friend Hadley.
2. They filled it with things they knew I would like.
3. A sparkly princess coloring book was involved.
4. Abby accidentally put her razors in the box and didn’t mean to.
5. I have a lot of snacks now.
6. My sister is wonderful.

She wrote me a really great note and it just reminded me how great she is. She clearly won the greatest celebration of all on this day, but wait there’s more!

I wasn’t expecting anyone to bless me with random acts of kindness, but I got a text message from my friend Will. Will is great. He is marrying my friend Lauren this summer and I just think they are the cutest. Anyway, Will texts me and asks me if I’m home and asks what my favorite treat from Walmart is. I am the wittiest of all and respond, “free donuts from Walmart.”

When Will was a kid he and his brother used to get donuts from the donut case in the bakery, because, hey, Walmart has free donuts!

He ended up bringing us mini cupcakes and he didn’t even know it was Random Acts of Kindness Day! He was on the way to meet with his Big Brothers Big Sister’s brother and had some time to spare and spent it at my house!

So after this large outpouring of random kindness to me I knew that I needed to do something to celebrate. I went to Sonic and paid for the car behind me. I was all excited because I figured they would be so jazzed that they got a free Coke. But they didn’t buy a Coke, or an ice cream, or a corn dog, or anything exciting. They got one singular bag of ice. And that was it. I was sort of sad, but then I realized it doesn’t matter what I got them as long as my kindness was random.

I’m not at my house so I can’t post the pictures of my mystery box and my mini cupcakes, but when I get home I will. I pinky promise.


Ice is the best gift of all.


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  1. I was referred to you by http://nolawildandprecious.com/2011/02/17/blog-love/ – and I agree with her assessment: your blog is awesome. I adore your commitment to celebration, and enjoying life, and having fun; it’s wonderful! I’m excited to see what celebration-worthy items are to come. Thank you for writing in this space, in this way; I love it. 🙂


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