National Battery Day

Today is National Battery Day. Less and less items in my life are using batteries these days, but fear not, I celebrated. I was at Target today and I saw this at the check out!

Everyone needs 30 AAAs.

You don’t really realize how often you see batteries until you are prowling for them. I ran into them quite a lot actually. But I needed a real way to celebrate. I needed a way to be ultra jazzed about batteries. So I thought, what kind of hilarious things can I do with a battery? A circuit would be interesting, I pondered. And then it hit me!

A lightbulb powered by a potato! (What’s taters precious? Boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew.) The ultimate alternative battery!

I googled the things I would need to make this potato powered situation. Have you heard of Google? You can look all sorts of things up, it’s so convenient. But I had things to do today, like going to breakfast and going to Hobby Lobby. I didn’t have time to acquire all the necessary items. I figured I would wing it later in the day. So I was meandering through Hobby Lobby when I happened upon the science project section. Sitting right there in front of me was the ‘Power a Clock with a Potato’ box. This is precisely what I needed to get my battery on.

I was actually really  excited to build my clock situation. This is what I ended up with!

I don't know why this works. I try not to think too hard about it.

I was so pleased with my science fair capabilities. Which is strange because I’m not good a science fairs. One time, my friend Emily and I had to make a science fair project in the 9th grade. Effects of acid rain on soil. Easy enough, right? WRONG. We needed some form of acid. Naturally, we wanted sulfuric acid. Naturally. However, Mrs. Bennett would not give us a bottle of sulfuric acid. Umm… rude. We needed that for the faux acid rain. We got creative and opted for lemon juice. It’s practically the same thing as sulfuric acid so we figured we were fine. We got some pH strips and dirt from my backyard and got sciency!

We ended up making up most of our results and making an awesome three-fold board and called it a day. I think we got an A. We still talk about our science adventure. It wasn’t the last time Emily and I made up science facts. The next year we had to make up an invention. Eyedrops that contained sunscreen in them. Things got weird.

So there’s that. Science/battery day. A friend of mine just brought it to my attention that it could mean battery as in hitting people. If that’s the case I better find some faces to punch.


Buying a potato generator


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  1. Hilarious. I remember using potatoes to illuminate a tiny flashlight light bulb as a kid – good times.

    P.S. I *heart* Target. Well, ’cause I work there and all… 😉

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