Chocolate Mints

A match made in Heaven. I love mints. I like chocolate. So together you can’t wrong. I think the best chocolate mint incident is when you are leaving a restaurant and you assess the lobby.

Everyone makes a quick yet thorough scan of the hostesses booth. Toothpicks…. business cards… brochures…. ugly flowers… NO MINTS. Sadness and devastation consume you. I’ve been there, I get it. It’s a sad state of affairs. The mintless restaurant.

But, occasionally, when you are scanning for mints your eyes land on that glorious bowl. The bowl containing perfectly wrapped deliciousness. And for a brief second nothing is wrong in the world. Problems end. Angels sing. Doves fly around you. It’s a beautiful sight.

Now comes the hard part, how many mints can you snag without the hostess getting suspicious? I think the most I’ve gotten at once is 5. I always eat one and toss the rest into the depths of my purse. My purse is a bottomless pit. (When you fall in a bottomless pit you die of starvation..) A few days later I will discover a rogue mint floating around with my keys and my bliss returns.

The type of mint is key. The lime flavored peppermint is the best. White and green swirls, you can’t go wrong. The butter mint. So melty, so enjoyable. The butter mint covered in chocolate even more exciting. Oh a chocolate, AND A MINT. Double the candy, double the fun. But hands down the most desired chocolate/mint/chocolate mint for after dinner is the Andes mint.

I worked at a country club for a few summers at the pool snack bar. It was the most fun job of all time. Upstairs at the big club they had Andes mints. A huge bowl of Andes mints sitting right there inside the downstairs kitchen. I learned the location of this treasure trove quite quickly. Whenever I was going up to the big club for iced tea I would steal quite a few mints for my pockets and bring them back to my fellow snack bar workers. I probably owe Hillcrest Country Club a box or two of mints.

A few days ago I found an Andes mint floating in the depths of my purse. I had gone to dinner with my dad at Hillcrest and he gave me his Andes mint because he doesn’t know what he’s missing out on. He says he doesn’t like them. My joy is since then unmatched. Locating an Andes mint will do that to you.


A petty thief



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2 responses to “Chocolate Mints

  1. Just this week one of my coworkers told me that as a child, she favored a certain Mexican restaurant not because of the food (she always ordered a hot dog), but because they served Andes mints with the check. Hilarious.

  2. Sarah

    Andes are the best mints of all time! I get a huge bag in my stocking every Christmas- I always tell myself I’m going to ration them to last… a week later they are all gone.

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