Clam Chowder

Food celebrations are kind of an easy day. I just eat what ever the celebration for the day is. Bada bing bada boom. Celebrated. Today was/still is Clam Chowder Day. I ate clam chowder. Go regional dishes!

I got Clam Chowder from BJ’s for dinner. It wasn’t the greatest clam chowder of my entire life but it was delicious enough to eat. The best clam chowder I’ve ever had was in Ireland. Kinsale, Ireland to be exact. The restaurant was called Fishy Fishy. It was the greatest thing ever. It came with chunks of rye bread and I got strawberries and cream for dessert. It was one of those food memory situations.

I would like to know where the greatest clam chowder of all time in the United States is located. If you know this information, please let me know. I will maybe try it. Maybe. But today was a success nonetheless.

All of my days have been a success thus far, in small and big ways. I have grown accustom to the daily challenges. It has sort of become a part of just what I do every day. I didn’t think that would happen initially. I remember telling my friends that I could spend 5 minutes celebrating and 15 minutes blogging about these obscurities and it would be a success. Well almost two months later and I’m realizing that my 5 and 15 policy was a gross underestimate.

And I’m ok with that. It has changed my days for the better. But it is not a cake walk, unless it’s a cake related day. I have days that I dread writing. I have days that I dread celebrating. But the point of this wasn’t to be happy every second of every day of my celebrations. It was to be happy over all. And over all, the really great days of celebrating make up for the days I am fussy.

Whenever I am fussy about blogging or think this was too much to handle someone reminds me I really love it. I have a couple of people that always encourage me and always make me feel like my posts matter. To them at least.

And that’s why I do it. For the Lauren and Will’s who always encourage me and ask me what the holiday of the day is. So thanks. I like to know that you people exist. I like to know that you all get some form of joy whilst reading this. If you don’t it’s cool. I’ll get over it (or you will..).

But now I need your help. I need it bad. Next month there is a day called  Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. I need your suggestions. I’m going to select a holiday that one of you posts. That means you have to break out and actually comment. You don’t even have to use your real name, just leave a comment with your suggestion. It needs to be fairly reasonable. “Go to Space Day’ probably won’t be the one I pick. Unless you work for Virgin Airlines or NASA. And then it might be.

But give me your best shot. I promise to do my best to celebrate your suggestion. So get to suggesting.


Bada bing bada boom isn’t a regular part of my vocabulary. I promise.



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14 responses to “Clam Chowder

  1. Brooke

    First off, I love reading your blog, it’s such a great idea so keep it up! As for the chowder, my favorite of all time was at Quincy Market in Boston. I think a fun holiday would be a day where you spoiled yourself, just go shopping, go to a spa, whatever makes you happy. I’m not sure what you would call it but I think there needs to be a holiday like that.

  2. Abby

    Love a baby hamster day! Don’t deny the fact that they are awesome. I can even supply you with 7 of them to celebrate with!

  3. TM

    Watch Brendan Fraser’s lowest rated Rotten Tomatoes Movie and find 3 good things to say Day.

  4. Jxkdb

    One Hit Wonder Day.

  5. Jxkdgsydj

    Thrift store day.

  6. JxkdgsyHdiddj

    LARP day.

  7. Ben

    Justin Bieber Day. See the movie, listen to the music, impress your sister, catch the fever… I’m celebrating with or without you.

  8. Oh, I love the idea of Make Up Your Own Holiday Day! Which day is it on? I want to celebrate it 😀
    How about Pebble Day? Or Alphabet Day?

  9. stbdds

    say what you are thinking day…watch Liar, Liar first.

  10. I have left comments before, and I will continue to do so – I like your writing style, and smile often in reading your posts. 🙂

    For your clam chowder, did you eat a cream-based or a tomato-based?

    Invent your own holiday, eh? Hmm… how about Mismatched Socks Day? Or Talk Like A Pirate Day? You can even set your Facebook page to “English (Pirate)”… You could also do Hop-Skip-And-A-Jump day, or perhaps even Rock-Paper-Scissors day (though I suspect there might already be a “legitimate” holiday for that one…).

  11. cb

    1. you’re a liar, i’ve heard you say “bada bing bada boom” before
    2. clam chowder is the least great of all the soups.
    3. pretend to be on top chef day (quick fire challenge with your roommates. i’ll be the judge)
    write with your opposite hand day (hope you have an essay test)
    finally let the nail salon ladies paint a design on your big toenail day (they ask everytime)

    k that’s all i got

  12. I get joying knowing there’s someone your age out there that uses the word “whilst.” Pinky promise.

  13. Kathleen Donoghue

    I was in Kinsale, Ireland last week! We ate at Max’s Wine Bar instead of Fishy Fishy, and it was fabulous, too! The didn’t have clam chowder on the menu…

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