I was just thinking.

Let’s start things off right today on International World Thinking Day with a song.

It’s by Teitur. It’s called I was just thinking. It’s one of my favorites. It is my number one played song in my iTunes library. One of my oldest friends gave it to me a million years ago when he was visiting my hometown.

Sidenote: I thought I would share with you my top 5 played songs. I’ll preface the list with this statement: I don’t listen to music on my computer all that often. I use my iPod.

1. Teitur– I Was Just Thinking
2. Iron & Wine– Naked As We Came
3. John Mayer– Stop This Train
4. Jon Schmidt– All Of Me
5. Dixie Chicks– Wide Open Spaces
6. Eastmountainsouth– So are You to Me

Ok, so I included 6 because I was flabbergasted that Dixie Chicks made it to my top 5. Middle school Kate has been listening to my iTunes recently. I added number 6 to make up for the fact that Wide Open Spaces was on the list. But this is all beside the point. Back to thinking.

Now let’s clear something up. International World Thinking Day seems a little redundant. International and world? Really holiday creators? Really? I guess they were making sure that the people in the oceans were included?

On this day dedicated to thinking, in whatever capacity you feel led to think, I was pondering a lot of things. Jobs. What I’m doing this summer. Where all my people will be. Being more organized. Doing my laundry. Going to Waco this weekend. There was a lot of stuff flowing through my synapses.

I went to Lifestream with Jordan tonight. (Lifestream is a college ministry in Norman, Jordan is my roommate) The speaker gets up and without knowing that it was thinking day says the following, “I want you all to think about something that intrigues you and share it with someone around you.” His thing of intrigue was parking garages. And rightly so. Those things are insane. I cannot figure them out at all. As soon as I drive into one the levels start behaving like Hogwarts staircases. The garage I park in for my Big Girl internship has a spiral drive. It’s like the parking garage in Batman. I imagine Batman falling down the spiral and landing on my Jeep. It hasn’t happened yet, but I’m waiting.

Anyway, I was so jazzed that he was encouraging people to think about mysterious or confusing things. That’s what World Thinking Day is all about! At least to me.

I would have to say the one thing I can get myself confused on incredibly quickly is time zones. People are so confused about how to travel back in time, when really time zones are right in front of them! They could be traveling through time every day! But if they have a flux-capacitor I would use that instead.

And true to my promise, if someone tells me about a holiday for that day that they think I should know about/celebrate I will, to the best of my ability, celebrate. I was informed that today is Margarita Day. Well since it’s a Tuesday and I was on my way to church, I was slightly hesitant about boozing it up. So I went to Classics. It’s basically an old-fashioned Sonic. They have margarita slushes. So I got one. And it was delicious. I didn’t taste like a real live margarita but it was citrusy and sweet nonetheless.


Justin Timberlake was number 8


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  1. Thank you for introducing me to Teitur. Lovely.

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