Kate, meet engineering.

Today is Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day. I happen to be a girl and I’m not entirely familiar with engineering. Fear not faithful blog readers! I have smart friends that are familiar with engineering. One friend, Thomas, introduced me… via text message.

I told Thomas I needed some help. I wanted to know the top 5 things I needed to know about engineering. Here is his list.

1. We make the modern world go round.
2. We make really cool stuff.
3. We are good with our hands. ; ) (the wink face was in the text, I’m just the messenger)
5. Most engineers have a superiority complex.

Things I took from that list.

1. Thanks.
2. Unicorns? Can you make me a unicorn?
3. 1..2..3..4.. I declare a thumb war.
4. Engineers are mysterious……and encourage brainstorming….?
5. You guys are like totally the best ever.

Here is the thing. I am a Public Relations major. It’s not rocket science. It’s not even normal science. It’s common sense. I am majoring in common sense. I have friends in PR, they agree. But the majority of my friends are majoring in insanely hard things. I have friends that are pre-med, pre-dental, every kind of science imaginable, all kinds of engineering, they know all about computer programming, weather cycles, nursing the list is literally endless. They do math problems that I couldn’t even pretend to know about.

The moral of this story is that I didn’t major in something hard in college. I love physics and I love science and I really think I would have liked majoring in a science. But that wasn’t the path I took. I love my path. But my path doesn’t involve math in any capacity and science clearly isn’t paving the road.

So I had Thomas send me a question from his homework. And I will attempt with my best ‘I really love science, but I majored in journalism’ efforts.

Here goes nothing...

So it’s a little blurry, but I ‘ll do my best. The title of this graph is Steady Heat Conduction, but I’m pretty sure that was a copy editing mistake (go journalism terms!). Here is what I take from this.

The title should read Different Ways to Sleep on Your Bed.

Bed #1, shown farthest to the left, is the ‘No sheets’ bed. You sleeping on a mattress. Simplicity. Minimalistic.

Bed #2, shown in the center, is the ‘Sleep in between two mattresses’ bed. You stay incredibly warm this way. If you look closely, you see your blankets sticking out of the end.

Bed #3, shown at the right, seems to be the exact same as Bed #2. But that’s where  you are wrong! Do you see the equations? That’s right. It is calculating types of blankets and their relative heat index.

So there’s that. I’m a genius. I conquered that graph like it was my job. I’d say that my formal introduction to engineering was accurate and proved my intelligence.


I actually scored highest on the science section of the ACT.

PS: This is why Tom Beard is the coolest little brother.

Road Trip!



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3 responses to “Kate, meet engineering.

  1. brag box: I did not miss one single question on the science portion of the ACT. 36/36.

    common sense interjection: it wasn’t science, it was critical thinking and graph reading. AND it was the last section so everyone gave up.
    Ha. Ha.

    Journalism Rules, Engineering Droolz.

  2. You might think your subject is just common sense, but that is because it suits you and you suit it. It might not be common sense to others! I don’t think I could do your subject, not that I could do engineering either. I study medieval graffiti – not everyone could do that (or would want to!)

    Just saying that it’s great you found something that suits you so well and don’t belittle your ability to do it just because it comes easy to you 🙂

  3. Your bed explanation made me laugh out loud in the middle of a coffee shop. Thanks for that smile and laugh this a.m.!

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