You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out

I’m in Waco, celebrating on the road. My friend Tanner went back to Baylor this year and we decided to come visit him. It just so happens to be Pistol Patent Day. I couldn’t go the day without celebrating properly. Tanner was the ultimate supporter of The Celebrationist today and found me a gun to shoot. I shot an official Red Rider BB gun. It was awesome and I felt like Ralphie.

We went to Tanner’s friend’s house to borrow a BB gun. His friend Carter helped us out a ton and let us borrow his roommates gun. We took it to the side of the house and tried to figure out to load it. We had no idea how to load this thing. Literally, no idea. It took us a while to figure things out.

We get it loaded and I am firing at a 32 ounce gas station cup. I shoot five-ish times and I don’t think anything happens. Tanner retrieves the cup and lo and behold I shot it clean through the cup!! I felt like a champion. Because I was a champion. Here is the proof of my adventures.


The most jazzed of all.



Practically a professional.

Tanner loves holding weapons.


I understand that I wasn’t shooting a pistol. I know that gun enthusiasts will be ultra disappointed. But I appreciated the weaponry. If you are interested in guns, there is a collection of Colts at Woolaroc in Bartlesville. You can see all kinds of pistols and there are shrunken heads and cool Indian artifacts. So there’s that.


This blog attracts tons of gun enthusiasts.

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  1. When I was in college, a friend of mine let me shoot his grandfather’s muzzle-loader (look it up) – and I shot it once, right through the center of a snapple bottle lid, from about 20? 40? feet away. (Some decent distance; I stink at predicting length.) At any rate, it was awesome.

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