Tooth Fairy Day

The mystery celebration for the day has been revealed. It’s Tooth Fairy Day! I surprised my dad and celebrated tooth fairies at his office. I’ll post about it later on tonight!


Don’t have any more teeth to lose.

UPDATE: 8:12 p.m.

Today, I had three celebrations listed. Rare Disease Day. Floral Design Day. And a Mystery Celebration Day. The mystery celebration is Tooth Fairy Day. And as you all know my dad is obsessed with my blog, in the best way possible. So I surprised him and came to Bartlesville to celebrate.

He was nothing less than jazzed when I showed up today. His office staff was really jazzed and I was jazzed. Everyone was jazzed. It was the best possible way to celebrate. It was a celebration to the fullest extent.

Let me preface my celebration with a story of losing my first tooth. I lived in Edmond. It was Halloween. I was going to be some variation of a princess. I was a princess every year for a really long time. Also, I was notorious for not pulling my teeth out. I would let them hang on for ages. AGES. They would spin the wrong way. It was a bad situation.

Well, on this particular Halloween night my dad decided that my tooth needed to come out. I, as a six year old, completely trusted my father. He told me, “Kate, I’m just going to touch  your tooth to see how loose it is. I’m not going to pull it out.” Clearly, I trusted what the man said. Clearly, I was wrong. He pulled my small tooth straight out of my mouth. And I was not pleased. I remember sitting there and pondering how my dad had lost my trust FOREVER. That was it. One tooth gone and I was done with trust. I eventually got over it. Because I realized that I was going to be a toothless princess.

Princesses are NOT toothless. And I wanted to be really convincing. I had every right in the world to be concerned. I looked like this post tooth removal.

Trauma. Tooth trauma.

So with that being said, my dad made up for his deceit. He told me how he knew the Tooth Fairy. I had never even thought of this. He was in dental school. How could he NOT know the Tooth Fairy? She practically runs that place! So he called her. He knew her number. I was thrilled.

He told her he had a really special tooth and that she really needed to take good care of this tooth. I was in awe. This was the greatest news ever. I ended up getting double the tooth fairy payout, which ruled as a six year old. And now I love the Tooth Fairy more than most people.

So when I was at my dad’s office today, I was looking for some really good Tooth Fairy stuff. And you better believe I found it. There are books in the waiting room for kids and that’s where I started my research.

This is what I found first. A book about what the fairies do with all those teeth. A valid question. There were some strange options. Making them into saws, grinding them into fairy dust, making them into jewelry. Things were weird.

There's a real hot market for tooth jewelry.

There was Franklin the Turtle book. Franklin is awesome and hilarious and wanted to lose a tooth. His friend Bear lost a tooth and Bear let Franklin borrow his tooth to put under his pillow. The Tooth Fairy got wise to the situation.

Turtle Tooth: The Ultimate Rarity.

The Tooth Fairy is the wittiest of fairies.

Then there was a Little Critter book.

Ha. I get it.

Not quelling anyone's fears.

There was a book about animals without teeth and it made me laugh a lot.

Clams eating ham is a funny mental image.

Jimbo Jones looks quite elderly.

Clearly I was loving Tooth Fairy Day. My dad also showed me cool stuff in the toy box.

He loves his job.

I had so so much fun celebrating the day. I completely neglected Rare Disease Day and Floral Design Day, but I’ll have you know that I am a fantastic floral arranger and I don’t have any rare diseases.


Looking for turtle teeth on Ebay.

Number 1 Fan.

PS: I update the This Month’s Celebrations page. Check it out for March’s celebrations!



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2 responses to “Tooth Fairy Day

  1. Will

    I may have mad cow. Does that count as a rare disease?

  2. haha an adult Tom Beard, what a treat.

    also I’m framing that photo of you crying.

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