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Crayon Crafts!!

I made the most wonderful crayon craft today. I was really scared that I was going to do a terrible job. It was going to be a repeat of Pancake Day, and that day was not a success. At all.

I decided to make a melted crayon project. And it was awesome.

melted crayons.

cool art.

So melting crayons isn’t as easy as one would assume. I figured I would be able to melt crayons in the microwave. I figured incorrectly. Microwaves don’t melt crayons. At least after a minute and half. So I put them in the oven for about three minutes. Great success they melted! I poured them onto the wooden plank that you see in the picture. It actually turned out really cool. I’m excited that it didn’t turn out like Pancake Day.


Distracted on the phone.


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A walk in the park.

I had really high hopes of taking an actual stroll in the park. However, Norman is cold and dreary. And cold and dreary don’t really do much for park walking. So I’m taking a more figurative take on Take a Walk in a Park Day. “Walk in the park” is a fairly popular saying meaning “Oh how easy!” So that’s the slant I’m taking today. I apologize if you are into literal translations.

Currently, my life is revolving around two things, graduating and job searching. Graduating: a walk in the park. Job search: not a walk in the park. At this point I have applied for around 20 something jobs. It’s exhausting. I have an interview and we will see how it goes. But I have to be honest. They don’t prepare you for this. You don’t walk in the doors of college your freshman year and sit down in your first class to hear someone tell you that four (give or take) (usually give) (but my in my case just four) years from now, you will be stressed out of your mind looking for a job.

They just don’t tell you that. They tell you to follow your passions and find something you are interested in. Not, spend four hours on looking for obscure companies to work for. Someone should tell you that. Job searching is not a fun park to walk in. So with that in mind, I give you my resume. Maybe one of you has an interesting job for me out there. I don’t know maybe the public relations directors of Ogilvy and Weber Shandwick read my blog. I blacked out some things. Maybe crazy Joe Divola reads this blog. I don’t want him to have my address. In the extreme off chance that you do think my resume rules and you want me to come work at your company, email me through The Celebrationist at

So professional.

Well that’s out of my system. Sometimes I just need to vent and make park walking analogies. Forgive me. Walk in the Park Day has been a strange day for celebrations.

In other news, this is totally unrelated. But sort of funny and interesting. My Aunt was in OKC today and we started talking about words that only our family use. We texted my mom and my cousin Jane for help brainstorming. I now give you a lesson in the diction of my family.

Bothery– to be annoying, a nuisance, unfortunate.

How to use bothery: I had to take finals today they were so bothery. There was a bothery person on my flight kicking my chair the whole time. You get the idea.

History: When I was a small child I started using this word. I use it as a term of annoyance. Feel free to incorporate it into your daily vocabulary.

Slickery– shiny, slick, smooth.

How to use slickery: I wore my slickery sweats to school today.

History: I have called wind breakers slickery sweats my entire life. I don’t know who came up with the term. I wore a lot of slickery sweats as a child.

Gwon– a combination of the words go and on.

How to use gwon: I was just standing in the kitchen with the cousins when Aunt Barbara told us to gwon.

History: Gwon has been used by the adults in our family for centuries. If there are too many people in the kitchen at Christmas or Thanksgiving everyone is told to gwon. If someone is trying to tell a crazy story that the cousins can’t hear they are told to gwon.

Holright– a variation of the word alright. Used mainly in phone conversations.

How to use holright: “I’m walking into the grocery store, I’ll call you later.” “Holright, I love you bye.”

History: We all use it. It’s how we hang up on the phone. It has spread to my other phone conversations, I’m sure I’ve holrighted some of you before. It’s said very quickly and with a lot of breath in your throat.

Deeda Whata– cute, how precious, I want one of those.

How to use deeda whata: “Jane, look at that dress in the window!” “Deeda whata! Let’s go inside.”

History: I have no idea who came up with this, although my first guess would be my cousin Betsy. The usage of deeda whata usually involves excessive hand gesturing of some sorta. Abby and Betsy take deeda whata to an extreme and incorporate additional sound effects.

Hideous Cob– ugly, horrible, heinous.

How to use hideous cob- I wanted to go look at the house for sale on the corner, but as soon as I walked in I realized things were hideous cob.

History: When my sister Abby was little she would always say ‘bobby cob’ and die laughing. She just made it up. She and Jack would say bobby cob over and over. Cob sort of got adapted into the vernacular of our family. Now people add cob to anything negative, mainly hideous cob. Cob is a term of nastiness.

Roared– fast movements, pushiness. Usually used when driving.

How to use roared- Damma screamed when we were driving today because a crazy lady roared onto the highway.

History: I’m not sure the reason roared became a term we used. In addition to driving references, roared can be used to describe someone in a mall or airport.

Lord of Moses– pronounced Lord’a Moses. An exclamation, term of approval, term of shock.

How to use Lord of Moses- Lord of Moses did you see all the clothes at the Baby Gap today? Lord of Moses, you got your hair colored!

History: This is most certainly my cousin Betsy’s term. I believe she said this as a small child and it stuck. I say it all the time.

I love my family very much. We have a lot of fun together. I can only imagine over hearing a conversation using the above listed words. Feel free to try some of them out.


Job searching is bothery.

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It was a very good day.

Today is Mom and Pop Business Day and the day Coca Cola was invented. I nailed two birds with one stone and celebrated them at the same place. Two birds with one stone is a funny saying. As soon as I typed it I drew this:

Two birds one stone.

So there’s that. My drawing of what it would look like to take out two birds with one stone. I throw a mean curve stone with a sling shot.

Back to the celebrations, for lent (or for personal gain, because I don’t really celebrate lent) I gave up pop. I went all of three weeks without having it. Until last night at around 10:30 pm I was in dire need of a large Diet Coke with extra vanilla. I broke down, after Chelsie told me it was going to be ok, and got a delicious beverage. I was so pleased with the carbonated, caffeinated syrupy delight. So today being the day that coke was invented, I was much less sad about drinking pop. I had some Diet Coke after dinner tonight and I had a Dr Pepper when I got home, because let’s be honest Dr Pepper is the king of pop.

There is a place in Norman called Classic 50’s. It’s an old-fashioned drive in. You can get candy in your drinks and they have these deals call Potato Boats that I would sell my soul for, ok maybe just my pinky finger. (Would you love me if I was missing a leg? I wouldn’t love you if you were missing a pinky finger!) Anyone?? Anyone??

So we went to Classic’s and it was delightful. Chelsie and I had a serious long talk and serious long talks are the best kind of talks. Unless it’s a short hilarious one, because those are really great too. But Classic’s has been around for ages and is locally owned. And Coke has been around for ages and used to have illegal drugs in it. And that’s all I have to say about that.

I know all of you are dying to know where we were coming from, because you are nosy. And I don’t blame you, I’m nosy too. Well we were at the Thunder game!! Kappa bought everyone that wanted to go a Thunder ticket! We sat in the nose bleeds, which they call Noise City to boost morale, but it was just as fun as ever. We played Golden State, and I was reminded of my crush on Stephen Curry.

Here are some pictures. I would have had much better pics, except I left my camera at home like an idiot. IPhone pics will have to do.

Your nose is bleeding too now, sorry.

Two sweet Kappa girls, who are fans of The Celebrationist, asked if I was going to blog the Thunder game. I wasn’t actually planning on it, but I figured why not. They were jazzed and so I decided to include them!

Allison and Amanda are very cool. They both have cool blonde hair. My hair aspires to be that cool.

So that’s what I did today. It’s almost like you were here. But I have one more thing to show you. I found part of my graduation gift from a relative of sorts last weekend. But let me prepare you. I love antiques and I have an affinity for all things yellow. Not regular yellow, but horrible greenish goldish burnt scary beautiful yellow. And these chairs are just that. I could not be happier with the purchase. I’m sad that I don’t have them in my house in Norman. I got them for when I move off somewhere and have an apartment in a cool grown up city.

These are lovely. Quite lovely.

I know you might hate them. I’m fine with that. I just won’t be inviting you to my cool grown up apartment, in a city far far away. I mean I might, but those chairs will be there, so you’ll just have to deal… or keep your eyes closed.


A really really good artist.


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