One of my favorite days

I have said this before and I’ll say it again, there are days on this blog that I am not excited about writing about. I do my best to write creatively, but sometimes that doesn’t come easily or quickly. But today, that is not the case. I thought about writing this post all day.

I love to travel. I comb through flight prices on a very regular basis. I have several airline apps on my iPhone. I am continuously planning my next vacation and how to fund that operation. I love going to new places and meeting people. I love to go with people on these adventures, but I secretly love to go alone.

When I was in England this past summer, I went to Wales by myself. It was an amazingly fun day. I had done my capstone project with National Museum Wales in Cardiff the spring before and I got to visit all the people I had worked with.

I remember getting ready that morning. I wore cool high-waisted shorts I had gotten at H&M in London and a coral tank and cream cardigan. I had my cool leather backpack I got in Camden and I was dressed for success.I traveled alone and walked through Cardiff alone.

Now looking back on that trip, I didn’t plan at all. I walked out of the train station in Cardiff and I had no idea how far away the museum was. I just started walking. I found it eventually. It was so fun to just wander.

Here is a fun story. Before I left London, a very attractive Italian man started talking to me. We made small talk. He had on awesome dress shoes and cufflinks, two of my weaknesses. We ended up getting off at the same station and he was chatting me up again. He asked me to come get a drink with him that night. I politely declined, probably should have done it would have been a great story, but I wasn’t looking to get kidnapped. But he gave me his number on a tube map and wrote his name. Rodolphe. He took my face in both his hands, kissed me on each cheek and sent me on my way to Wales. It was a strange experience, but that’s what you get when you travel alone.

So, on Plan a Solo Vacation Day I will share with you one of the trips I am currently planning. I have a list of places to visit. The top picks currently are the following.

1. Ireland
2. Germany, Switzerland, Austria
3. Eastern Europe
4. Morocco

But I want to tell you about my imagined trip to Ireland. You can come if you want.

I would fly from here to there. Approximate cost: $1250 I would leave on June 6 and return on June 14. I arrive in Dublin at 8:00 a.m. Things get awesome.

First of all, I love Irish beer. Smithwick’s, Murphy’s, Guinness. I would spend a day and a half in Dublin and absolutely visit the Guinness Storehouse. It’s a museum about Guinness and at the end of the trip you get a pint. It sounds perfect.

I would visit Christ Church Cathedral. It was founded in 1030. That’s old. And I love old things (tomorrow is Old Stuff Day!). I would eat some delicious food and head to my cute little bed and breakfast.

It’s called Amberley House. I could stay for one night for around $50.

The next day I would wake up and have a full Irish breakfast, which means I wouldn’t need to eat lunch. So for lunch I would just get a Guinness and be on my way. But the activities for the day would consist of wandering. I would more than likely go on a historical walking tour and just take things slow. Potentially rent a bike. Late afternoon, I would pack up my things and head to the bus station.

Traveling by bus in Ireland is the way to go. I board said bus and head to Wexford. It’s about a three and half hour journey. Not to bad when you are driving on the beautiful coast. I would get there in the evening. Grab some dinner and stay at a bed and breakfast. I’d stay at Churchtown House. Because I can. Because this is a pretend vacation and I don’t really have to fund it.

I wouldn’t make any plans in Wexford. I would just be there for the whole next day. I would get back on a bus and head to Cork. Cork is a weird city. I’ve been there before. Here are some Cork pics.


Fashion Foward.

The artsiest.

Real life tea party.


I would stay at Garnish House in Cork. I would stay here for a few nights. Taking day trips to Blarney Castle and Kinsale, a coastal town. I would eat at Fishy Fishy in Kinsale. I would just wander. I think wandering is the best thing about traveling. You get to meet the best people.

I would leave Cork after a twoish days. And head to Killarney. It seems grassy and quaint. I would wander some more and stay at Castle Lodge Guesthouse.

I would proceed to Limerick and then back to Dublin for my trip home. I love to travel. If you are interested in sponsoring this adventure, I want to be your best friend. If you know someone at a company like Fodor’s or the Travel Channel and they want someone to do travel writing, I want to be your best friend. So there’s that. There is your sort of off the beaten path loop of Ireland. I would love to take this trip soonish. I just need the dollars.


I want to be your best friend.





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2 responses to “One of my favorite days

  1. MP

    I wish I would have traveled more solo.. Solo is good.. I did San Fran solo w/ a trip to Yosemite.. LOVED it…

  2. frequent flyer

    Thanks for this post, we are planning to visit Cardiff and southern Wales in a few months. My kids are already counting down the days, I can’t wait to board our flight. However, I need to find cheap flights to Cardiff and accommodations since a family of five is pricey to travel with.

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