Old Stuff

Do you like old stuff? Of course you like old stuff! I’m glad you do because today is Old Stuff Day. First of all, today was a great day. My hair was curly today and when my hair is curly the day is usually great.

Also, I love old stuff. And by old stuff I mean antiques. Let me tell you about my favorite antique things. My room is a collection of things I’ve found in nooks and crannies of the antique shops I like to go to. I have to be careful. I can’t go all the time. If I went all the time I would have less than zero dollars. And it’s not good to have less than zero dollars. I’m also facing the facts that I just don’t have the space for all the cool things that I find. I need a house. Hopefully, I will have one of those by the end of the year. Full of cool things that I find in interesting places and a roommate that like old stuff too.

I figured I should show you some of the interesting things I have found. First up, my fireplace mantle. I found this last summer in an antique store in Dallas. It was insanely cheap for what I got. It was in great condition. All I had to do was wipe off the grime.

Fancy Fance.

Going to retrieve this was sort of a challenge.I bought it and left it at the store. I came back after school had started to pick it up. For some reason I imagined it being about half the size. If this was in fact half the size it would have fit in my car. Well, it’s large. And it didn’t fit in my car. The man strapped it to the roof of my jeep and I drove all the way from Dallas to Norman. It was a party.

Next up on the old stuff list are my night stands. I have two metal night stands. They are antique bread boxes. They are very old and very cool. They are one of my favorite purchases of all time. There is an antique store in Dewey where I found them. They have amazing stuff. I can always find something interesting, which is usually a problem. When I bought my night stands I also bought two antique windows. They were dirt cheap, potentially marked wrong. They hang above my bed.

Books have replaced bread inside of these great little tables.

Everyone needs a fake window to stare into.

Last old thing. I went to England this past summer. There is a wonderful market called Portabello Road. There are hundreds. Literally, hundreds of little stores to explore. I found a cool little biscuit tin. It’s a Huntley & Palmer’s tin. Which means it’s not very common and a really cool find for me. Next to this tin in the picture is something else old. It’s my great grandmother’s necklace. She gave it to me when I turned 15 or 16. I love it. It’s a drill bit and it reminds me of her.

My jewelery is is messy. Don't judge.

There’s a store in Norman called Stash. Two ladies go antique hunting and sell their finds in their store. It’s a really cool place and I frequent it often. I have purchased an old green glass milk bottle. A bronze tray. It’s good for nik nac stuff.

I hope you enjoyed my love of old stuff. I hope you like old stuff.


Fake fireplaces and fake windows. I see a theme.

PS: Today is the day that Texas got fussy and made their own country. la la la. Go Texas Independence.



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7 responses to “Old Stuff

  1. Abby

    Mom and I just watched hoarders. Some times I get worried it will be you some day..

  2. Shane

    At least you are hoarding nice things

  3. You are not a hoarder. You are a aficionado of old stuff and possibly a sentimental fool. From one fool to another, I heart your mantle.

  4. whoa whoa whoa, Texas Independence Day only gets a “P.S.” ?????
    ever heard of this:

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