My life on paper

Today is Scrapbooking Industry Day and my family is probably 27% of the industry. Since I can remember my mom has scrapbooked. She has dutifully scribed my every moment. From birth until now, when she claims she will no longer be crafting my life. Last weekend when I was home I asked her if I could take my baby book to Norman so I could celebrate the fact that I have these amazing books. She sort of freaked out, mainly in part to the fact that I asked her if I could go sky diving this weekend about 30 minutes before I asked to borrow the book.

She has an emotional attachment to these books. Probably due to the fact that she has spent hundreds of hours making them. If there is every a fire at our house we all know that the scrapbooks get saved no matter what.

As a child, I sort of loathed the fact that my mom took 5 million pictures wherever we went. I had friends that lamented with me as well because they too had scrapbooking mothers. Emily, Taylor, Thomas and I, who were in the same grade school class, and who I still am friends with to this day would be subjected to photos everywhere we went. Our mothers were our own paparazzi. You better believe that we had every outing, together or separate documented. We put on really good faces and went along with it. Good thing we did, because now we all have these amazing books that our moms made.

They used to have parties together. They would set up tables and scrapbook for hours. Literally hours. I remember one time my mom and I went to Chicago with another mother daughter set. My mom thought it would be a genius idea to bring her scrapbooking things with her so she could scrapbook in the hotel. We had to tote those bags around with us through the airport. We missed a flight due to the volume of bags, and due to the fact that our moms found a Talbot’s Kids.

The point is I love these books. My books are a teal green color. My sister has a color and so does my brother. And as the years progressed on my mom got better at scrapbooking. When I told her I was taking my baby book she said, “Don’t take that one, I wasn’t good at scrapbooking then.” Now she uses a fancy paper cutting machine that carves colored paper into shapes and letters and 3D holograms. But when she first started she hand wrote most of what was in our books. And I love my mom’s hand writing so I was jazzed.

I am also the first-born child. Which means my parents loved me the most…. I mean they didn’t really, but I was like a new toy. A new toy that my mom needed to write down everything about. Literally. I know the dates of almost every major event in my baby days. For example….

Crawled: May 10, 1990
Sat up: May 2, 1990
Walked Alone: Mid July 1990
Drank From a Cup: at 10 1/2 months, only uses a cup (with a lid)

You get the idea. Every new food that was introduced to me was dated. Every hilarious thing I said was document. And let me tell you, I was hilarious. For example…

2 Years: Put your seat belt on lady. (I said this to a realtor that was taking us to see a house)
2 Years: I’m the cleaner lady…. have you got fixty dollars? Have you got ten? Ok, it’s free.

2 Years 4 months: Kate, guess what Santa Claus will come to our house. “Does he have a key?”

2 1/2 Years: What are you guys talking about? Are you talking about me?
2 1/2 Years: I know, let’s do something really fun!
2 1/2 Years: Oh, I’m sad. I’m sad (before a spanking)
2 1/2 Years: Kate, it’s rude to contradict people. “No it’s not.”

So I know a lot about myself as a child. And that is largely due to the fact that my mom wrote in this book. I am forever indebted to her. She likes to try to guilt trip me into scrapbooking by saying things like, “Your children are going to be so deprived without scrapbooks.”

I laugh and nod and know that she is right. I probably won’t be able to resist the stickers and paper and nonsense that my mom loves so much.


Well on my way to a museum.

5 generations. Me, my mom, Damma, Nanny, Gram.


This is probably one of the coolest pictures in my baby book. We span the years 1889 to 1989. The women in my family are notorious for cutting their hair short whilst pregnant. Clearly my mom fell into that category.


There's a reason Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

My blanket is called Donay. Don't ask. It's just what it's called.

Every holiday has a themed montage page.



3rd birthday party. I had a rocking outfit.


My third birthday looked like it was straight out of the pages of a Pottery Barn photoshoot. I had a great outfit on and my mom had beautiful hair. 1992 was a good year.

So there’s that. My baby book. I will have it forever and ever. I love it so so much. I should probably start buying stickers so I can become a professional scrapbooker.

Thanks Momma.


Sufficiently documented.

PS: As I write this, my friend Courtlyn is looking through my book. He said the following, “The best thing about this book is the evolution of your mother’s hair.” That pretty much summed everything up.

PPS: I went to grade school in Edmond up to the 2nd grade. I have pictures with all of my friends from Edmond. There are about 5 of them that I reconnected with in college. Full circle.



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42 responses to “My life on paper

  1. Mom

    I think I will print out today’s blog and put a copy in your scrapbook!

  2. Abby

    I dont think the cousins combined pool party was as big of a deal as your 3rd birthday party.

  3. Sarah

    you crawled on my first birthday- also you were a pretty hilarious child!

  4. You are so fortunate to have such amazing pix — and to have them together in a scrapbook, for that matter!

    Beautiful pix, beautiful post…


  5. What a great post – 3 cheers for mom 🙂

  6. johnlmalone

    I really enjoyed this. It has a warm, intimate feel to it. You’ve given me ideas on how to write for my own bog which I think you will enjoy though that is not why I’m writing this. Your mother is fortunate in having a life consumimng passion. It is good to dcument things. It is agood also you are now appreciating it. A lovely post. There is one phrase I love: ‘our mothers were our own papparazzi’.

  7. ANCAis

    I’m just a foreigner who stumbled upon this beautiful post and I couldn’t not say something:). It’s so intimately and beautifully written, the pictures are adorable and the whole thing overall is absolutely lovely. Keep up the good work.

  8. stylistnc

    At least your Mom made them. I have a ton of pictures, scrap booking accessories, scrap books, decorations etc. and I still haven’t put anything together. It just scares me looking at all my stuff and don’t know where to begin. I wish I was good at scrapbooking. Maybe I should take a class.

  9. dubay319

    Great Post

  10. Wow! How sweet! I love that you have a mom who was that into her kids and documenting it… I love even more that as you continue to evolve more and more throughout your life, you will always have solid memories to look back on and literally see the progression!

    This post gave me warm fuzzies!

  11. MP

    I suppose I’m around your mothers age since that 1990 think about made me faint.. Yes.. there are many many women of age. .(gahhh) that scrapbook, I have lots of friends like your mother. I refused calling it a cult and laughing at my friends with their scrapbooking parties they still have.. but it’s awesome to see that turn full circle and show that you are appreciating it. .and congrats on being freshly pressed.. good find! Yeah me!
    FYI.. in 1966 my mother started a book for me too but got bored with it by the time I turned 1 1/2.. I’m adopted so it’s even more special (so she says.. )

  12. That 5 generation pic blew me away. You all have such a resemblance.

    Crawled: May 10, 1990
    Sat up: May 2, 1990

    I like your timeline too. That’s pretty much what I was doing at that time too…and I was born in 1973

  13. I love this post! It always drove us crazy that my dad was constantly snapping pics and taking movies, but those have become a treasured part of a visit to Mom & Dad’s these days. I started scrapping to make books for my daughters for their high school graduations in 2000 and 2004. Then a few months ago, I decided to finally make one for myself! It’s fun and relaxing, and why should THEY get the cool books and not me? Besides, all the cool gadgets are fun to use.

  14. wow!!! your mom is an amazing scrapbooker!!! congrats on FP!!

  15. Wow! It must take a lot of courage to post your life pictures on the internet. Thanks for sharing! Love the pics!

  16. beautiful pictures..a great way to smile at memories!!!! well done

  17. LB

    I would love a birthday party just like that one.
    Pink balloons and a pink cake for year #19?
    I’ll take it.

  18. I love that you have a 5 generation picture!! I am lucky enough to have that in my family too. When I was born, our five generation pic was such a big deal in my town that it made it to the newspaper. My great-great grandmother passed away when I was 3 years old, so we actually had lots of five generation pics which is pretty cool. What’s even better is that we still have five generations – my two sons have great-great grandparents! They are almost 90 years old but doing great. (PS – they’ve been married for 71 years…71!!!)

    I wish I was into scrap booking. I’ve tried in the past and had great intentions. I do have at least one picture of my first son for every day of the first year of his life, and am almost three months into that same tradition with my second son. I suppose I’ll just have to go back and look at the dates the pics were taken so I can tell when their milestones were. Thank the good Lord for digital media 😉

  19. your mom is beautiful..:)

  20. I love scrapbooking, so I certainly can appreciate how your mother feels about all these scrapbooks she’s made with love. Unfortunately, for me, ever since I started blogging, scrapbooking has taken a very back seat. Blogging is even more consuming (but fun). Still, it’s such an enjoyable activity that I hope to get back to someday. Congratulations on being freshly pressed!

  21. madelyn

    i always spell the word definetely wrong too!

  22. I loved your post. I wish my mom had done the same when i was a kid. Like you, i too am the first born. When me and my sister were kids my father had a penchant for clicking photos. There are so many photos of us … especially of all our birthdays. I guess we were growing up so fast that he kind of gave up trying to keep up with us. So there are less photos of our growing up days. Those photos remind us of the days gone by and the moments much remembered and people who are no longer with us. I think we should all take up book scrapping… not only for our children but also for ourselves.

  23. bleach cosplay

    Nice post beautiful mom

  24. Enjoyed reading your post! And absolutely adore your friend’s comment about your mom’s hair; hilarious!

  25. I did a baby book for my first child, and hope that one day he will have the love and appreciation for it that you have! It is a good reminder for me to get started on a baby book for my second child! Perserving memories is so important and precious!

  26. Truely this is lovely and a great way to cherish the memories…

  27. This brings tears to my eyes. I love documenting my life and I gave my mom a scrapbook for her birthday a year ago. I wish my childhood was this documented!

  28. scrap books are fantastic and your pics are so cute!

  29. My friend has recently strated scrapbooking and is seriously addicted! What lovely memories you have there! So sweet!

  30. thomassj

    due to read this’s time I look at my pictures also

  31. You and your mom are awesome. She is probably so happy that you appreciate all the effort she made over the years to document your life. It’s obvious you brought her great joy in her life.

    And I cannot believe there is someone else in the world that still uses the word “jazzed!” 🙂 That’s great! I loved this post.

  32. Really cute post! Your photo with the generations speaks volumes, it’s a beautiful photo. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

  33. Scrapbooking brings back memories. My wife used to do it all the time. Then Facebook came along, and sites like Shutterfly. Now it’s all done digitally. If she wants a scrapbook done, she does it on the computer and has a printed book shipped to her. Times have changed.

  34. Thank you for your blog, this is very useful to me. Because I was new in the world of bloggers so please guidance yes.

  35. Wow! How sweet! I love that you have a mom who was that into her kids and documenting it… I love even more that as you continue to evolve more and more throughout your life, you will always have solid memories to look back on and literally see the progression!

    This post gave me warm fuzzies!

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