Not Skydiving.

Today is Parachute Day. I wanted nothing more than to go to OKC and go skydiving today. It’s on my list. But I had a few set backs, one being that I don’t have $250 to spend on jumping out of a plan and having someone film it. The second being my mom.

She sort of freaked out when I asked/told her that I wanted to go skydiving. She told me that I could fracture my pelvic bone. I laughed, which didn’t bode well for my situation. I desperately want to go. And I will. And I will tell you about it. It’s just going to be a delayed celebration.

So since I wasn’t hurling my body to the ground, I decided to have the greatest Saturday of my entire college career. I had no idea this day was going to shape up to be so wonderful, I was still sad about my lack of airborne-ness, but things got really great really quick.

Chelsie called this early afternoon and we decided to go to lunch. I went downstairs to find Jordan, Swifering the floor and Pinesoling the stairs, and asked her if she wanted to join. The three of us went to Texadelphia. It’s a wonderful land here in Norman. I had a grown-up grilled cheese. Avocado, bacon, a thousand cheeses. It was delicious. We get back in the car and decide that we need to see a movie.

We also decide that we need to see a movie that is only showing at Quail Springs Mall, a good 35 minutes from where we are. We get in the car and start our adventure. As we are driving we realize that we have never gone to Pops and going to Pops was on our list of things to do before we graduated. Pops is a gas station wonderland that sells over 200 kinds of coke, and by coke I mean soda. We redirect to Pops.

Pops rules.

There is an overwhelming amount of choices. And an overwhelming amount of flavors. They have cool six packs you can fill with whatever you want. I purchased sarsaparilla, cream soda, strawberry soda, ginger beer, root beer and pear soda. Things were looking good. In front of Pops is this….

One large please.

We were off to Cedar Rapids, the movie that is. I have been wanting to see this movie for ages. Ed Helms is one of my favorite humans on television/in movies. I was jazzed. We get to the theater, with fancy beverages in our purses, and buy our tickets. We have about 40 minutes to kill in the mall. Naturally, I bought some boots at Forever 21.

We head back to the theater and are so please with our movie selection. Cedar Rapids was perfect. We are leaving the mall and decide we are hungry. We see Losta Noodles, their marketing guy needs to be fired for that name selection, but whatever. Lotsa Noodles it is. I get peanut pasta, because it’s my favorite. We eat. We go back to Norman and on the way we sing Taylor Swift as loud as humanly possible. I also found a mixed CD given to me by a boy many moons ago, and we laughed at the song selection he went with.

I had no intention of making this Saturday freakishly awesome. But it was. I was fully prepared to write and angsty blog about the lack of sky diving and how I didn’t have $250 to throw out of a plane. If you are interested in sponsoring my future sky diving experience I’m open to chatting. I can successfully say that this was potentially the best Saturday afternoon of my college experience. I say that loosely, because I can’t particularly recall another Saturday afternoon that trumps this. I didn’t get to use a parachute today, but I floated the whole afternoon on happiness. And one of my favorite albums is Parachutes by Coldplay, again take your judgment elsewhere. I may have played that album while writing this. Ok, so did.


Happy Birthday to the ground.



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3 responses to “Not Skydiving.

  1. becky armstrong

    You know that I alway appreciate an Andy Samberg reference!


    Hoping to meet Andy Samberg during the SNL studio tour next Monday,
    Aunt Becky

  2. I almost bought a parachute today at Target so that we could round up friends and play playground/P.E. games…..remember that one in elementary school where you lifted it up and down and someone had to run across the underside before it fell? I know what I’m talking about, but can’t explain it…

    That description sucked.

    There goes my writing career.

  3. I never heard of parachute day… I just wrote about extreme sports on my blog and parachutes sound extreme. To me at least :). K

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