Oh Happy Day!!

Since I started blogging last summer, when I went to Europe, I have been interested in Freshly Pressed. I have been eying it. If you didn’t know, Freshly Pressed is the home page to wordpress.com. They select 12 blogs out of the 414,123 bloggers on WordPress. That’s a lot of bloggers. I am only one. It seemed like this unattainable pipe dream for really great writers that wrote about important life changing stuff. I didn’t fit into that category. Freshly Pressed lived in the back of my mind. It just sort of hung out in a box in my brain. I wasn’t actively pursuing it because it was so rare to get on there.

I have a friend. Chelsie. I’ve mentioned her before. She has a hugely positive blog Handfuls of Sand. If you click that link, don’t judge the banner. I made it and I’m in the process of fixing it. Anyway, she rules at public relations. We took all our public relations classes together. We did school together. But somehow, she paid way WAY better attention in class. She just knows PR things that I don’t think anyone ever told me. She does a really good job publicizing my blog and she has told me things that I needed to do to increase traffic.

So I did those things.

And today at around 3:00 p.m. I made it on Freshly Pressed.

I was in my car and I got a lot of emails from wonderful other bloggers that were subscribing to my blog. And it was really unusual for me to get that many subscriptions in 45 minutes. And then I looked at my site stats. They had gone up by about 200 hits in around 45 minutes (and that was incredibly unusual). I knew that someone had to have put something on Facebook or something was off. I went to the WordPress home screen and there I was.


Oh, dang. Bottom center.


I got teary. And I yelled, loudly. And I fist pumped. And I was embarrassing. And I called Chelsie. And my mom. And my dad. And my other people. I was like a kid in a candy store.

I have gotten the nicest comments from total strangers. It’s really cool. Freshly Pressed made my day.

So back to the celebrating.

Today is Unique Name Day.  I have some pretty great family names that qualify for extremely unique.

My great-grandfather, on my father’s side is Zelotus Dudley Yeaton. That’s a lot of name. And I have a Christian Getzendanner on my mother’s side. His name is unique and he was born in 1691! In Germany!

I think names are neat. I don’t think celebrities naming their children obscure things is neat. Apple and Moses Martin aren’t going to be pleased someday. Whatever, I get it, I mean I want to name my kids cool things too. Not fruit, but something different.

I really love old-fashioned names and I particularly love Scottish names.

So there’s that. It was a glorious day. Thanks to all my new followers!






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11 responses to “Oh Happy Day!!

  1. Abby

    I laughed out loud when I read this, on account of I was listening to “Dirty Bit” when I found out you were Freshly Pressed.. and I ALSO fist pumped. True story, the people at the red light probably judged me.. but I’m judging them for not having a famous sister. Boom. I win in that red light situation.

  2. Barb Reese

    Congratulations Kate!!! Proud of you!

  3. Outstanding! Good job getting Freshly Pressed! Have any good PR tactics to share? 😉

  4. Haha this is the 1st blog i subscribed.
    Loving the idea of celebration everyday the whole years.
    And you know what? i even recite and try to memorize your words. Really! it is more like a textbook for my English advancing…

  5. Will

    Looks like you’re gaining popularity. Don’t forget your humble roots.

  6. What an interesting idea for a blog!
    Gongratulations on your 1st “Freshly Pressed award”!!

    Celebrate every day as if it was the last!
    Greetings from Greece!

  7. It was a deserving post. I really enjoy your writing and look forward to reading more of it! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

  8. Kate,

    Congrats on your success! I love the unique idea of your blog. I look forward to reading it in the future. I didn’t notice an RSS Feed. Do you have one? What about your friend, Chelsie? I’d add you to my Reader if so.

  9. if there was a popularity contest in the blogosphere (you know how I feel about that word), we would be #winning.
    Take that, Charlie Sheen.

    maybe applying to be his PR intern

  10. Just reading your post is exciting! congrats! i can’t help but smile…

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