I get much too excited when making name puns. I might need an intervention at some point, but for now it’s pankates all the way. It’s National Pancake Day! Food holidays are the best holidays and pancakes are perhaps the greatest breakfast/all day food. For whatever reason, Ihop decided to celebrate a week early. Last Tuesday, Ihop was offering a free short stack. I capitalized on that short stack and had a splendid time. I went with blueberry syrup and I wasn’t disappointed.

I don’t know how you eat your pancakes, but I have two ways to eat them. I either go no syrup or flavored syrup. I’m not a huge fan of regular syrup. I mean, I like it. But if I’m sitting at Ihop and the blueberry syrup is just sitting there, I’m going to use it.

If I go no syrup I just pick the pancake up and eat it with my hands. I’m a barbarian. I am not an animal!

I think that the shaped pancakes are so cool and I wish I had the molds to pour batter into or I wish I had supreme pouring skills. I take that back, I choose pouring skills. That would be awesome. I could pour elaborate pancake shapes and be famous the world round!

So I decided to make some pancakes.

I just made the pancakes. They could not have been more of a colossal failure. I didn’t have baking powder. The recipe said I could substitute baking soda. They lied.

My pancake batter was way too runny and then burned quickly. And flipped poorly. It was a bad situation all together. They looked like this.

The largest failure my kitchen has ever seen.

I am a fairly decent cook. I don’t fail often when it comes to cooking. So this fail of what I thought was the easiest thing in the entire world really hit me hard. I added some flour to my batter and tried again. I got this.

The crowning jewel. Too bad it tasted terrible.

My wonderful roommate Taylor put up with me venting in the kitchen. And my other wonderful roommate Jordan, who doesn’t cook all that often, told me even she could make pancakes. It was the largest food fail thus far on The Celebrationist. The pretty much sums up my feelings towards the pancakes.

I was so frustrated. I tried to make another batch of batter. It made some decent pancakes; however, they tasted so gross. It was the worst cooking experience.

The epitome of horrendous.

But in other news I got bangs. I like them quite a lot. They look a lot better when I’m not blurry and I’m not sad about my pancakes.

Celebrating is celebrating. Good or bad. That’s what I’m here for.



PS: Check out this really cool blog that I like. Not Deliverable. You will like it.



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3 responses to “Pankates

  1. Ok. I’m going to have to eat a pancake today now that I’ve read this! Darn you, Kate! 🙂

  2. Yeah, baking powder is not the same as baking soda. Two very different functions.

    Next time, perhaps try waffles? 😉

  3. Kim Copeland

    I’m no good at pancakes…ever! You would think they should be easy to make, but I manage to fail most everytime. The good news: Ihop never fails! I like your bangs.

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