Barbie Panic

I love Barbies. I was a professional Barbie player as a child. My Barbies had life stories and haircuts and life issues to deal with. Barbies have amazingly great clothing and Barbie had so many cool jobs. She didn’t have to graduate college and job search. She just got to have cool jobs. She was under qualified for every job she had. But at least she had them.

I wish there had been a job search Barbie. Her idol could have been CEO Barbie.

State of the Art Technology.

CEO Barbie needs to stop watching YouTube videos and start buying more work appropriate skirts. How she is running a company is beyond me.

Barbie has been up to a lot over the years. She stays busy conquering career after career.

So talented.

But perhaps the greatest Barbie news of all is that the makers of Toy Story 3 are making a short called Hawaiian Vacation. I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Little did I know, they also filmed several short clips to publicize Toy Story 3 that feature Ken. You can find those on YouTube.

And now we move into Panic Day. I wasn’t exactly sure I was going to celebrate Panic Day, until I sort of freaked out earlier. I had an I-Don’t-Have-a-Job-and-I’m-Graduating-In-a-Few-Months freak out. It wasn’t pretty. I blindly job searched, to no avail. I tried to apply for an internship with Southwest Airlines and the link wouldn’t work. So, if you work for Southwest Airlines, fix that link. Or just hire me.

I took a break from writing and applied for several jobs which is great and scary and I just want to get hired. They were copy writing jobs. My current career flavor of the month. So there’s that.


Job Search Barbie



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5 responses to “Barbie Panic

  1. i had the same panic! applying for a position is never fun :/ patience and persistence is key. good luck.

  2. I’m new to your blog and I love it! So creative and fun.

    Good luck with your job search and your last few months of college! The last semester of college was probably one of the best times of my life… but yeah, panic. That was a theme.

  3. I never had a Barbie as a child. Not one. Once, for my 9th birthday, a classmate gave me a Barbie dress (it was gold lamé and absolutely tragic), but I never had a Barbie to put it on. Oh well.

    As for the job panic – I, too, had a few days (okay, weeks) of panic when I was in my last year of college; but it all worked out for me. Given you smarts, good nature, and tenacity, I have little doubt you will do amazingly well in your job quest.

    If you want to have an offline conversation about jobs, email me and let me know.

  4. hey Kate – first of all love your blog and congrats on being Pressed! I applied for a few Southwest Internships and landed one interview last month but didn’t make it…but best of luck! 🙂 I’m sure you’d love it!

  5. PS try this one instead. it had me signed in under my old blog…picturesspeaklouderwithwords.wordpress.

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