The best of your three names.

Today is Middle Name Day and Mario Day. I had no idea that today would be such a raucous success. But it was! I could not have been more pleased with today’s successes. This largely do to the fact that I spent the majority of my day dominating the social media scene.

I posted early in the morning on Twitter and Facebook that it was Middle Name Day and that everyone should tell me theirs so I could blog about how awesome they were. I got a ton of responses. I made a killer list of everyone’s middle names.

Patricia               Julius               Curt-Michael              Bianca               Beth
Daye                    Lynn                 Kyle                              Ann                    Ann
Jean                    Catherine         Michael-Thomas        Kay                    Burke
Lee                      Joseph              Paul                               Lee                    Marie
Ferrish               Patricia-Faith  Evelyn                           Gabriella          Christine
Rose                    Ruth                  Ruben                           Robert             Alexander
Rose                    Bailey                Elizabeth                      Nicholas          Ann
Raeann               Lea                    Michelle                        Rhea                 Louise
Elizabeth            Preston             Anne                             Kathryn            Ladd
Phillip                 Grace                Wesley                           Douglas            Marie
Louise                 Michelle           Marie                             Loraine             Elizabeth
Kristin                Louise Nyse      Alane                            Dawn                 Gay

That’s a lot of names. And a lot of people. My favorite middle names that were submitted to me are, Douglas, Ruth, Burke, Grace, Ruben and Evelyn. I’m sorry if I didn’t pick your particular middle name. I picked these cause I thought they were great. And unique and cool.

And then I got an even better idea! Your middle name and the first street you remember living on is your soap opera name. Elizabeth Evergreen. So I Tweeted this, hoping to get some awesome responses. Good news, I did.

Preston Chapelhill
Ladd Hackberry
Phillip Pelham
Wesley Rosewood
Nicholas Dapursusu
Marie 48th Street
Patricia Washington
Ruth Carlton
Louise Morningstar

Not a bad cast of characters if you ask me. Clearly some of the names don’t really transfer to the greatest soap opera names. Marie 48th Street sounds a little strange. And Nicholas Dapursusu translates to Nicholas Milk Kitchen. I can only imagine all the lost love and drama this soap opera could contain. I would watch it. I don’t do a whole lot during daytime television hours anyway.

Today is Mario Day as well. Let me explain some things about my interaction with video games. I don’t like them. Let me rephrase. I’m just scared of them. I didn’t have an older brother, turns out I still don’t. But I never had someone who was encouraging me to play video games. I was playing Barbies and dreaming about getting my own phone line and wall papering the back of my head-board with pictures of cute boys (true story) from magazines. Video games weren’t high on my list. I had friends that played video games. I have watched a ridiculous amount of Zelda.

So Mario Day, I got my usual amount of video game anxiety when a friend suggested that I play some Mario today. I opted out. But that got me pondering about Mario’s middle name. I have no idea what it could be. But I’ll tell you what I do know. They were the Mario Brothers. That would lead one to believe that Mario’s full name is Mario Mario and Luigi’s full name is Luigi Mario.

Mr. and Mrs. Mario were lacking in creativity when it came to their son in red.

I love names. I think they are very interesting and so permanent. In my family there are 7 cousins on my mom’s side. We call ourselves The Cousins. They are some of my most favorite people. We all share middle names. The first-born girl in each family has the middle name Elizabeth. The second born girl has the middle name Marie. The first-born boy has the middle name Whistler (our mom’s maiden name).

Kate Elizabeth           Jane Elizabeth                 Jack Whistler
Abby Marie                Betsy Marie                       Ellen Elizabeth
Thomas Whistler

We are a pretty hilarious bunch.


We are cute and nice and we are called The Cousins.

We laugh everytime we are together.

But most of the time we are just outrageous.


We are all bonded by our middle names. Cool.


Elizabeth Evergreen




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3 responses to “The best of your three names.

  1. Grant

    Glad to see that not only did I make the blog, but somehow my middle name made it as a favorite… assuming I’m the Douglas you chose

  2. My dad’s first name is Douglas, and my mom’s middle name is Grace; so naturally I liked this post. 🙂 My soap opera name is Kristen Washington; that has a cool ring to it.

  3. Great post. Love that your family shares middles. When naming our children, my hubby and alternated whose side of the family’s the first name would come from, then the other got the middle name. So one boy and one girl have first names from his side and the other boy and girl have first names from my side. Our kids love that they are named after family members. They feel connected.

    On the video game note, I did have an older brother and a younger brother, but we didn’t own video games, so I am terrible at them as well. The first time I tried to play mario brothers on nintendo 64(I date myself), I fell of my chair trying to jump the first drop and was laughing so hard I couldn’t see straight. And so I read…. 🙂

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