Johnny Appleseed Day

So do you remember the song growing up in Sunday School. Father Abraham had many sons. Many sons had Father Abraham. Anyway, I have had that tune stuck in my head. However, I have been singing, Johnny Appleseed had many sons. Many sons had Johnny Appleseed. It’s been a little distracting.

So I was pondering how to celebrate today. And I started thinking about seeds and what not, because you know that was Johnny’s deal. I was reminded of my favorite Disney movie, Pocahontas. All throughout the movie there is a windstorm blowing around a collection of seeds and leaves and dirt and magic.

I bet if Johnny Appleseed had seen the planting capabilities of Pocahontas’ seed wind he really would have capitalized upon its potential. But that is neither here nor there.


Seed Wind


Today, in Oklahoma it was crazy windy. There were grass fires everywhere. I was driving from college land to not college land and I was parked on the Interstate for quite some time. It took me 30 minutes to go 3 miles. Not the best speed. But it gave me some time to ponder Mr. Appleseed. I could only imagine that he would be nothing less than pleased about the burning of the land and how that would only help for better seed planting later. The fires were so bad that the wooden pylons that the guard rail were attached to were on fire. At one point it was so smoky that I was driving into a smoke cloud, albeit at 4 miles an hour. I drove into a said smoke cloud and everything disappeared. I was completely alone in my own personal cloud of scary.

If I didn’t know that there were grass fires all over the state I would have seriously considered that this was some apocalypse situation. Good thing as a child my mom played the game “What Would You Do If You Were The Last Person On Earth”. She really did. I am really prepared. The swirling ash that was falling on my windshield reminded me of Pocahontas and then that reminded me of Johnny Appleseed. It was a strange connection. But I was driving 7mph, deal with it.

In other news, at the fine institution that I attend one of our main characters is the Sower. I’m fairly certain he is a Johnny Appleseed figure. He looks like this and he stands on the South Oval.


Sowing seeds like it's his job. As it turns out, it is his job.


He planted tons of apple trees. He was probably a proponent of Arbor Day. So there’s that. I wish some seed wind would head this way.


Sealed with seed wind.



You want me on your team in the wake of a world-wide melt down.


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One response to “Johnny Appleseed Day

  1. 1) Fire scares me. Truly, burning is my all-time scariest way to die.
    2) Your mom sounds intense. And cool. And a little creepy.
    3) Glad to hear you remained calm driving into a total smoke screen. I think I might have panicked. Then again, I have driven into a total snow white-out before – albeit at 15 mph (which still felt much too fast).

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